E-business innovation and process management
E-business innovation and process management

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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2007.

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16 electronic texts (xi, 384 p. : ill.) : digital files.

Different Types of Business-to-Business Integration: Extended Enterprise Integration vs. Market B2B Integration -- E-Business Models in B2B: A Process-Based Categorization and Analysis of Business-to-Business Models -- Drivers of Adoption and Implementation of Internet-Based Marketing Channels -- Content is King? Interdependencies in Value Networks for Mobile Services -- Buyer-Supplier Relationships in Business-to-Business E-Procurement : Effects of Supply Conditions -- Consumer Factors Affecting Adoption of Internet Banking Services : An Empirical Investigation in Taiwan -- A Simonian Approach to E-Business Research: A Study in Netchising -- Business Process Modeling with the User Requirements Notation -- How E-Services Satisfy Customer Needs: A Software-Aided Reasoning -- Personalization of Web Services: Concepts, Challenges, and Solutions -- Managing Corporate E-Mail Systems: A Contemporary Study -- Predicting Electronic Communication System Adoption: The Influence of Adopter Perceptions of Continuous or Discontinuous Innovation -- Computer Self-Efficacy and the Acceptance of Instant Messenger Technology -- User Perceptions of the Usefulness of E-Mail and Instant Messaging -- Is P3P an Answer to Protecting Information Privacy? -- Semi-Automatic Derivation and Application of Personal Privacy Policies.

"This book provides researchers and practitioners with valuable information on advances and developments in emerging e-business models and technologies; it covers a variety of topics, such as e-business models, e-business strategies, online consumer behavior, e-business process modeling and practices, electronic communication adoption and service provider strategies, privacy policies, and implementation issues"--Provided by publisher.

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Electronic commerce.

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Lee, In, 1958-

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IGI Global.

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