Strategy, adoption, and competitive advantage of mobile services in the global economy
Strategy, adoption, and competitive advantage of mobile services in the global economy

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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2013.

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The effects of consumption values on the use of location-based services on smartphones / Jing Zhang, En Mao -- Attribute perceptions as factors explaining mobile internet acceptance of cellular customers in Germany: an empirical study comparing actual and potential adopters with distinct categories of access appliances / Torsten J. Gerpott -- Adoption of mobile video-call service: an exploratory study / Ángel Hernández-García, Ángel Francisco Agudo-Peregrina, Santiago Iglesias-Pradas -- Consumer information search and decision-making on m-commerce: the role of product type / Moutusy Maity -- Consumers' adoption of mobile coupons in Malaysia / Sudarsan Jayasingh, Uchenna Cyril Eze -- Mobile banking in the youth market: implications from an entrepreneurial and learning perspective / Vanessa Ratten -- Consumers' intention to use mobile commerce and the moderating roles of gender and income / Uchenna Cyril Eze, Yew Siang Poong -- Mobile Devices and the self: developing the concept of mobile phone identity / Michelle Carter, Jason Bennett Thatcher -- User perspective on the adoption of mobile augmented reality based applications / Markus Salo ... [et al.] -- Perceptions of the impact of mobile sales force automation on salespeople's performance / Eusebio Scornavacca ... [et al.] -- Adoption of mobile reading devices in the book industry / Vanessa Ratten -- Mobile communication: a study on smart phone and mobile application use / Ozlem Hesapci-Sanaktekin, Irem Somer -- Factors affecting mobile phone use among undergraduate students in Turkey: an exploratory analysis / Ali Acilar -- Mobile social networks: communication and marketing perspectives / Kaan Varnali -- Mobile services as resources for consumer integration of value in a multi-channel environment / Veronica Liljander ... [et al.] -- Mobile advertising in small retailer firms: how to make the most of it / Wesley J. Johnston ... [et al.] -- Designing effective mobile advertising with specific reference to developing markets / Shalini N. Tripathi, Masood H. Siddiqui -- Justifying RFID investment to enable mobile service applications in manufacturing and supply chain / In Lee -- Assessing mobile value-added preference structures: the case of a developing country / Opal Donaldson, Evan W. Duggan.

"This book fosters a scientific understanding of mobile services, providing a timely publication of current research efforts, and forecasts future trends in the mobile services industry"--Provided by publisher.

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Mobile computing.
Cell phone services industry.

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Lee, In, 1958-

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IGI Global.

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