Transformations in e-business technologies and commerce emerging impacts
Transformations in e-business technologies and commerce emerging impacts

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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2012.

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electronic texts (302 p.) : digital files.

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1. To bid or to buy?: online shoppers' preferences for online purchasing channels / Fan-Chen Tseng -- 2. Overcoming visibility issues in a small-to-medium retailer using automatic identification and data capture technology: an evolutionary approach / Dane Hamilton, Katina Michael and Samuel Fosso Wamba -- 3. The Hispanic view of e-mail, popup, and banner advertising / Pradeep Korgaonkar, Ronnie Silverblatt and Enrique P. Becerra -- 4. A trade value perspective on ecommerce research: an integration of transaction value and transaction cost theories / Ruth C. King ... [et al.] -- 5. Effects of e-CRM value perceptions on website loyalty: an empirical investigation from customer perspective / Wen-Jang Jih and Su-Fang Lee -- 6. An exploratory look at attributes of internet use and adoption by franchisees / Kelley O'Reilly and Zsolt Ugray -- 7. Towards an understanding of user acceptance to use biometrics authentication systems in E-commerce: using an extension of the technology acceptance model / Fahad AL Harby, Rami Qahwajim and Mumtaz Kamala -- 8. An empirical study of predicting Hong Kong consumers' online shopping intentions: personal hygiene products / T. C. E. Cheng and M. W. Chung -- 9. Effects of Website interactivity on E-loyalty: a social exchange perspective / Wen-Jang Jih, Su-Fang Lee and Yuan-Cheng Tsai -- 10. From virtual organization to E-business: transformational structuration / James J. Lee ... [et al.] --
11. Taking a strategic alliance approach to enhance M-commerce development: challenges and strategies / Fang Zhao ... [et al.] -- 12. The impact of the internet on marketing strategy: revisiting early predictions / Kaan Varnali -- 13. Coping with manufacturers' dilemma in the E-commerce era: a relational model and a strategic framework / Xiaolin Li -- 14. Governance mechanisms in internet-based affiliate marketing programs in Spain / Paul B. Fox and Jonathan D. Wareham -- 15. Software firm cost structure and its impact on IPOs in the E-commerce era / Richard B. Carter and Troy J. Strader -- 16. An empirical study of the impact of brand name on personal customers' adoption of Internet banking in Hong Kong / T. C. E. Cheng and W. H. Yeung -- 17. A study of the impact of individual differences on online shopping / Jianfeng Wang, Linwu Gu and Milam Aiken -- 18. The influence of quality on E-commerce success: an empirical application of the Delone and Mclean IS success model / Ultan Sharkey, Murray Scott and Thomas Acton.

"This book is both a snapshot of e-business as it is today and a window into the many developments already underway and is aimed at those who are interested in the advancement of e-business theory and practice through a variety of research methods including theoretical, experimental, case, and survey research methods"--Provided by publisher.

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Electronic commerce.
Technological innovations -- Management.

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Lee, In, 1958-

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IGI Global.

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