Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics A Comprehensive Handbook
Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics A Comprehensive Handbook



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Totowa, NJ : Humana Press : Imprint: Humana Press, 2010.

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XVIII, 412 p. online resource.

Nutrition and Health

Disorders of Water, Sodium and Potassium Homeostasis -- Disorders of Water Homeostasis -- Disorders of Sodium Homeostasis -- Disorders of Potassium Balance -- Disorders of Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus Homeostasis -- Disorders of Calcium Metabolism -- Disorders of Magnesium Metabolism -- Disorders of Phosphorus Homeostasis -- Disorders of Acid—Base Homeostasis -- Acid–Base Physiology -- Metabolic Acidosis -- Diagnosis and Treatment of Metabolic Alkalosis -- Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Acidosis -- Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Alkalosis -- Special Situations of Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders -- Liver Disorders -- Special Consideration on Fluid and Electrolytes in Acute Kidney Injury and Kidney Transplantation -- Adrenal Causes of Electrolyte Abnormalities: Hyponatremia/Hyperkalemia -- A Physiologic Approach to Hereditary Tubulopathies -- Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition -- Understanding Uric Acid -- Special Situations in the NICU.

One of the time-honored foundations of the practice of pediatric medicine is the understanding and application of the principles of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders. Presented in a new softcover format, Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: A Comprehensive Handbook brings together a select group of authors who share a passion and an appreciation of the contributions of pioneers in pediatric medicine and an expertise for their respective areas in a new softcover edition. The volume provides in-depth discussions of the basic functioning of the kidneys, skin and the lungs. Each chapter describes the etiology and demographics, biological mechanisms, patient presentation characteristics, therapy options and consequences of optimal treatment as well as delayed treatment. Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: A Comprehensive Handbook provides health professionals in many areas of research and practice with the most up-to-date, accessible, and well referenced volume on the importance of the maintenance of fluid and electrolyte concentrations in the pediatric population, especially under acute care.

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Critical care medicine.
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Feld, Leonard G.
Kaskel, Frederick J.

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