Security leader insights for success lessons and strategies from leading security professionals
Security leader insights for success lessons and strategies from leading security professionals

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Waltham, MA : Elsevier, 2014.

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Front Cover; Security Leader Insights for Success; Copyright Page; Contents; Introduction; 1 The Skills Needed for Successful Security Leadership; 1 The Art of Leadership; 1.1 What is Good Security Leadership?; 1.2 What Knowledge, Skills, and Characteristics do you Need?; 1.2.1 Know the Culture; 1.2.2 Enable the Business; 1.2.3 Know Security; 1.2.4 Communicate Effectively; 1.2.5 Build the Right Team; 1.2.6 Be Flexible; 1.3 Where can you get those Skills?; 1.4 Can Leadership be Learned?; 2 Be the Great Motivator; 2.1 It's Not Always Easy; 2.2 Learn as You Go; 3 Becoming a Business Leader.
3.1 The Elements of Leadership3.2 Aerodynamic Security; 3.3 Focused, Online Training; 3.4 Educational Resources; 3.5 Custom Programs; 3.6 Business will become the Language of Dialogue; 3.7 Everyone is a Leader; 4 Finding Time: Time Management Strategies for the Busy Security Leader; 4.1 Don't Reinvent the Wheel; 4.2 Learn from those Who've been there; 4.3 Build a Staff you can Count on; 5 Leading Up: Or, How to Build a Positive Relationship with Your Manager; 5.1 Be a Leader First; 5.2 The Role Goes Beyond Security; 5.3 Number of Incidents is Not the Only Metric; 5.4 Proactive Communication.
5.5 Are You Leading Up?6 Understanding Your Corporate Culture; 7 Rebuilding Influence after Corporate Restructuring; 8 Managing Expectations; 9 Running Security Like a Business; 10 Becoming a Next Generation Security Leader; 10.1 Assess to Find the Best Executive Development Resources; 10.1.1 Mentorship; 10.1.2 Educational Offerings; 10.2 Finding a Job that Enables Next Generation Leadership; 2 Building Your Toolkit; 11 Developing Meaningful Security Metrics; 11.1 Are your Metrics Tied to Business Goals?; 11.2 Do any of your Metrics Show Value by Reliably Measuring Avoided Costs?
11.3 Do you Collect both Forward-Looking and Backward-Looking Metrics?11.4 Do Metrics Measure Direct and Indirect Impacts?; 11.5 Are you Creating Metrics in a Vacuum or Soliciting the help of other Functions?; 11.6 Do your Metrics Tell a Story?; 12 Setting Realistic Goals That Align with Business Interests; 13 The New Security Assessment; 14 Expect the Best: Evaluating Your Security Staff; 15 Business Evolution Requires Active Security Alignment; 16 Emerging Issue Awareness; 16.1 Challenges to Emerging Issue Awareness; 16.2 Tips for Staying Aware; 17 Planning for Change.
17.1 Stronger Influence and Better Security17.2 Align, Align, Align; 17.3 Security as a Nimble Function; 17.4 Efficiency vs. Flexibility; 18 Reinventing Security; 18.1 Common Circumstances of Reinvention; 18.2 Milestones to Reach; 18.3 How to Lead Reinvention; 3 Looking Forward; 19 Security's Role in Corporate Social Responsibility; 19.1 Why Security?; 19.2 What's in it for you?; 19.3 How to Get a CSR Program Started; 20 Advances and Stalemates in Security; 20.1 Advances; 20.2 Stalemates; 21 Addressing the Knowledge Transfer Gap; 21.1 Seven Characteristics of a Knowledge-Sharing Program.

How do you, as a busy security executive or manager, stay current with evolving issues, familiarize yourself with the successful practices of your peers, and transfer this information to build a knowledgeable, skilled workforce the times now demand? With Security Leader Insights for Success, a collection of timeless leadership best practices featuring insights from some of the nation's most successful security practitioners, you can. This book can be used as a quick and effective resource to bring your security staff up to speed on leadership issues. Instead of re-inventing th.

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