Egg Parasitoids in Agroecosystems with Emphasis on Trichogramma
Egg Parasitoids in Agroecosystems with Emphasis on Trichogramma



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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands : Imprint: Springer, 2010.

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X, 482 p. online resource.

Progress in Biological Control ; 9

Reproduction and Immature Development of Egg Parasitoids -- Nutritional Ecology of Insect Egg Parasitoids -- Antennal Structures Used in Communication by Egg Parasitoids -- Host Searching by Egg Parasitoids: Exploitation of Host Chemical Cues -- Genetics of the Behavioral Ecology of Egg Parasitoids -- Sex Ratio Modulators of Egg Parasitoids -- Systematics of the Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) with a Focus on the Genera Attacking Lepidoptera -- Diversity and Hosts of Trichogramma in the New World, with Emphasis in South America -- Species Diversity and Host Associations of Trichogramma in Eurasia -- Mass Rearing of Egg Parasitoids for Biological Control Programs -- In Vitro Rearing of Egg Parasitoids -- Quality Control of Mass Reared Egg Parasitoids -- Biological Control with Egg Parasitoids other than Trichogramma – the Citrus and Grape Cases -- Egg Parasitoids Commercialization in the New World -- Egg Parasitoids in Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management -- Risk Assessment and Non-target Effects of Egg Parasitoids in Biological Control -- Genetically Modified Crops and Biological Control with Egg Parasitoids.

Egg Parasitoids in Agroecosystems with emphasis on Trichogramma was conceived to help in the promotion of biological control through egg parasitoids by providing both basic and applied information. The book has a series of chapters dedicated to the understanding of egg parasitoid taxonomy, development, nutrition and reproduction, host recognition and utilization, and their distribution and host associations. There are also several chapters focusing on the mass production and commercialization of egg parasitoids for biological control, addressing important issues such as parasitoid quality control, the risk assessment of egg parasitoids to non-target species, the use of egg parasitoids in integrated pest management programs and the impact of GMO on these natural enemies. Chapters provide an in depth analysis of the literature available, are richly illustrated, and propose future trends. The large number of contributors in several fields of Entomology makes this book the most comprehensive source of information for students and researchers working on egg parasitoids, biological control practitioners interested in applying these natural enemies in biocontrol programs or business managers focused in their mass production and commercialization.

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Life sciences.
Animal ecology.

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Consoli, Fernando L.
Parra, José R. P.
Zucchi, Roberto A.

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