Analysis and Simulation of Fluid Dynamics
Analysis and Simulation of Fluid Dynamics



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Basel : Birkhäuser Basel, 2007.

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VIII, 246 p. online resource.

Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

Some Recent Asymptotic Results in Fluid Mechanics -- Recent Mathematical Results and Open Problems about Shallow Water Equations -- Direct Numerical Simulation and Analysis of 2D Turbulent Flows -- Numerical Capture of Shock Solutions of Nonconservative Hyperbolic Systems via Kinetic Functions -- Domain Decomposition Algorithms for the Compressible Euler Equations -- The Two-Jacobian Scheme for Systems of Conservation Laws -- Do Navier-Stokes Equations Enable to Predict Contact Between Immersed Solid Particles? -- The Reduced Basis Element Method for Fluid Flows -- Asymptotic Stability of Steady-states for Saint-Venant Equations with Real Viscosity -- Numerical Simulations of the Inviscid Primitive Equations in a Limited Domain -- Some Recent Results about the Sixth Problem of Hilbert -- On Compressible and Incompressible Vortex Sheets -- Existence and Stability of Compressible and Incompressible Current-Vortex Sheets.

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Partial differential equations.
Numerical analysis.
Continuum physics.
Classical Continuum Physics.

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Calgaro, Caterina.
Coulombel, Jean-François.
Goudon, Thierry.

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