Privacy, information, and technology için kapak resmi
Privacy, information, and technology
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New York : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2011.
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xxiii, 576 s. ; 26 cm.


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A comprehensive and in-depth treatment of all the important information privacy issues. Features: An extensive and clear background about the law and policy issues relating to information privacy and computers, databases, and the Internet Coverage of government surveillance topics, such as Fourth Amendment, sensory enhancement technologies, wiretapping, computer searches, ISP records, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the USA-Patriot Act A thorough examination of new issues such as privacy and access to public records, government access to personal information, airline passenger screening and profiling, data mining, identity theft, consumer privacy, and financial privacy Several additional and new cases for coverage of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Privacy Act, and identity theft. Coverage of emerging information technologies such as computer databases, RFID, cookies, spyware, data mining, and others An introductory chapter with a thought-provoking philosophical discussion of information privacy Clear explanations of the law New to the Third Edition: Expanded coverage of new technology that has an impact on privacy, including social media, locational information and mobile telephony, and behavioral advertising Anonymous litigation Expanded coverage of privacy and contract issues Updated coverage of the NSA surveillance program cases , including Amnesty International USA v.Clapper New FTC cases , including Sears, Econometrixand Google Buzz NASA v. Nelson , a U.S. Supreme Court case regarding background questionnaires for employment and the constitutional right to information privacy Coverage of personally identifiable information Law enforcement access to GPS cases


1 Introduction
A Information Privacy, Technology, and the Law
B Information Privacy Law: Origins and Types
C Perspectives on Privacy
2 Privacy And Law Enforcement
A The Fourth Amendment and Emerging Technology
B Federal Electronic Surveillance Law
C Digital Searches and Seizures
D National Security and Foreign Intelligence
3 Privacy And Government Records And Databases
A Public Access to Government Records
B Government Records of Personal Information
C Identification
4 Privacy Of Financial And Commerical Data
A The Financial Services Industry and Financial Data
B Commercial Entities and Personal Data
C Data Security
D First Amendment Limitations on Privacy Regulation
E Government Access to Financial and Business Records
F Anonymity