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Glaciotectonism için kapak resmi
9780444529435 0444529438 9780080556277 (electronic bk.) 0080556272 (electronic bk.)
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Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2007.
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1 online resource (x, 246 p.) : ill., map.
Developments in quaternary science ; 6

Developments in Quaternary science ; 6.
Preface. 1. Nature of glaciotectonism. 2. Geometric analysis. 3. Kinematic analysis. 4. Hill-hole pair. 5. Composite ridges. 6. Cupola hills and drumlins. 7. Megablocks and rafts. 8. Intrusions, diapirs and wedges. 9. Basement and deep crustal structures. 10. Applied glaciotectonics. 11. Distribution of glaciotectonism. 12. Dynamism of glaciotectonic deformation. 13. Glaciotectonic analogs. References. Index.
Glaciotectonism is an important component of modern glacial theory, gaining widespread recognition within the past 25 years. This book is outcome of compiling maps of glaciotectonic structures and landforms for North America and central Europe, which is the basis for better understanding the role of glaciotectonism as a key component of glacial theory. Glaciotectonism is intented to provide a comprehensive review and description of glaciotectonic phenomena. The subject matter is arranged in three broad sections. First, definitions, principles, and methodologies of glaciotectonics in the field as well as in the laboratory are described. Next, case histories of glaciotectonic structures and landforms from the land and continental shelf regions of North America and Eurasia are then covered in detail. Practical applications for mining, highway construction, and other human activities are also described. The last part of the book covers regional and continental distribution of glaciotectonic phenomena, dynamics of glaciotectonic deformation, and analogous non-glacial deformation. * Provides definitions, principles, and methodology of investigation for glaciotectonic phenomena * Features case histories of glaciotectonic structures and landforms from the glaciated land and continental shelf regions of North America and Eurasia * Analyzes mechanical and theoretical glaciotectonic deformation; analogous deformation of non-glacial origin.
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