The judicial House of Lords 1876-2009 için kapak resmi
The judicial House of Lords 1876-2009
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Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011.
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xc, 820 s. ; 24 cm.
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The House of Lords has served as the highest court in the UK for over 130 years. In 2009 a new UK Supreme Court will take over its judicial functions, closing the doors on one of the most influential legal institutions in the world, and a major chapter in the history of the UK legal system.This volume gathers over 40 leading scholars and practitioners from the UK and beyond to provide a comprehensive history of the House of Lords as a judicial institution, charting its role, working practices, reputation and impact on the law and UK legal system. The book examines the origins of theHouse's judicial work; the different phases in the court's history; the international reputation and influence of the House in the legal profession; the domestic perception of the House outside the law; and the impact of the House on the UK legal tradition and substantive law.The book offers an invaluable overview of the Judicial House of Lords and a major historical record for the UK legal system as it opens the next chapter in its history.

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Sir Louis Blom-Cooper is Bencher of the Middle Temple. Gavin Drewry is Professor of Public Administration, Royal Holloway, University of London. Brice Dickson is Professor of International and Comparative Law, Queen's University Belfast