Lockhart and Wiseman's crop husbandry including grassland için kapak resmi
Lockhart and Wiseman's crop husbandry including grassland
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8th ed.
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Cambridge, England : Woodhead Pub., 2002.
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1 online resource (x, 510 pages) : illustrations
Woodhead Publishing in food science and technology

Woodhead Publishing in food science and technology.
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Previous edition: published as Introduction to crop husbandry by A.J.L. Wiseman, H.J.S. Finch and A.M. Samuel. Oxford: Pergamon, 1993.
Annotation CONTENTS Part 1 Conditions for crop growth: Plants; Soils and soil management; Fertilisers and manures; Climate and weather; Weeds; Pests of farm crops; Diseases of plant crops. Part 2 Crop husbandry techniques: Cropping techniques; Integrated crop management; Organic crop husbandary; Plant breeding and seed production. Part 3 Management of individual crops: Cereals; Root crops; Fresh harvested crops; Forage crops; Combinable break crops. Part 4 Grassland: Characteristics of grassland and the important species; Establishing and improving grassland; Grazing; Conservation of winter feed.


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