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High acid crudes
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Front Cover; High Acid Crudes; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; 1 Naphthenic Acids in Petroleum; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Origin and Occurrence; 1.2.1 Origin; 1.2.2 Occurrence; 1.3 Total Acid Number; 1.4 Properties; 1.4.1 Chemical Properties; Chemical Structure; Acidity; 1.4.2 Physical Properties; Melting Point; Boiling Point; Solubility; Interfacial Properties; Environmental Effects; Biodegradation; 2 Mechanism of Acid Corrosion; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Types of Corrosion; 2.2.1 Uniform Corrosion; 2.2.2 Localized Corrosion.

2.2.3 Stress Corrosion Cracking2.3 Corrosion by Acidic Species; 2.3.1 Chemistry; 2.3.2 Other Chemical Effects; Dry Corrosion; Wet Corrosion; 2.4 Sulfidic Corrosion; 2.5 Physical Effects; 2.5.1 Effect of Process Parameters; 2.5.2 Effect of Temperature; 3 Corrosion by High Acid Crude Oil; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Process Effects; 3.3 Corrosion of Refinery Equipment; 3.3.1 Corrosion by NAP; 3.3.2 Corrosion by Organic Acids; 3.3.3 Corrosion by Phenol Derivatives; 3.4 Interaction of Acids with Refinery Equipment; 4 Effects in Refining; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Process Effects.

4.3 Desalting4.4 Distillation; 4.4.1 Atmospheric Distillation; 4.4.2 Vacuum Distillation; 4.4.3 Other Areas; 4.4.4 Effects of Naphthenic Acids; 4.5 Visbreaking; 4.6 Coking; 4.6.1 Delayed Coking; 4.6.2 Fluid Coking; 4.6.3 Effect of Naphthenic Acids; 4.7 Catalytic Cracking; 4.7.1 Fluid Catalytic Cracking; 4.7.2 Effect of Naphthenic Acids; 4.8 Hydroprocesses; 4.8.1 Hydrotreating; 4.8.2 Hydrocracking; 4.8.3 Effect of Naphthenic Acids; 4.9 Mitigation of NAC; 5 Removing Acid Constituents from Crude Oil; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Physical Methods; 5.2.1 Blending; 5.2.2 Adsorption; 5.2.3 Extraction.

5.3 Chemical Methods5.3.1 Neutralization; 5.3.2 Use of Inhibitors; 5.3.3 Decarboxylation; 5.3.4 Esterification; 5.4 Corrosion Monitoring and Prevention; 5.4.1 Monitoring and Measurement; 5.4.2 Corrosion Prevention; Crude Oil Quality; Acidic Corrosion; Sulfidic Corrosion; 5.5 The Future; Glossary; Bibliography.
High Acid Crudes quickly gets the refinery manager and all other relative personnel up to date on this particular type of feedstock by providing an overview and relevant details of the identification of high acid crudes and their influence on the refinery's process units, especially regarding corrosion potential. Covering the types, effects on the various refining units, and proper acid stripping techniques, High Acid Crudes effectively trains refinery personnel with a quick reference guide for day-to-day use in today's refineries. Due to their discounted value but pote.


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