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Forget friendship bracelets, make a rakhi bracelet!

Increasingly, we live and work in a global economy, global environment, and global society. Walk down the streets all across the country and you will enjoy ethnic diversity in the streets, neighborhoods, schools, and libraries. Serving children in libraries and schools, then, must involve multicultural programming and collection development. This new edition with 100% new content offers tools to inspire children with the rich textures, traditions, stories, pictures, and music from around the world. Different sections feature African, Caribbean, Indian, Jewish-American, Korean, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Russian ideas designed to help you create distinctive programs for children. Each area features a short essay (often by a native) and recommended children's books (grade levels included), Web sites, videos, audiotapes, and directions for programming materials. Use this one-of-a-kind, hands-on resource to learn how to:

Conduct a program on César Chávez for Hispanic Heritage month, using materials selected by a children's librarian who once worked for him. Start up a round of Yut, a Korean game enjoyed for centuries that can be played with a few Popsicle sticks, some checkers, and a cardboard surface. Celebrate a holiday, festival or custom from a faraway land, such as Sukkot, Tu Bishvat, or Tzedaka (from the Jewish tradition). Create age-appropriate storytimes with engaging and vivid picture books.

Knowledgeable and culturally diverse educators and librarians come together to offer this new book filled with fresh, innovative program ideas and resources that you won't find anywhere else.


J. B. PettyMelinda GreenblattCherri Jones and Gowri PatameswaranJay Jacoby and Lenora SteinHeawon PaickOralia Garza de CortesAllison GrayDoris GebelOlga R. Kuharets
Prefacep. v
Introduction: Confronting Diversity in a Homogeneous Environmentp. vii
1 Africap. 1
Recommended Materialsp. 3
Program Ideasp. 9
Websitesp. 10
Resourcesp. 11
2 Caribbeanp. 12
Recommended Materialsp. 13
Program Ideasp. 22
Websitesp. 25
Resourcesp. 26
3 Indiap. 28
Recommended Materialsp. 30
Program Ideasp. 36
Websitesp. 39
Resourcesp. 40
4 Jewish-Americanp. 41
Recommended Materialsp. 41
Program Ideasp. 48
Websitesp. 51
Resourcesp. 51
5 Koreap. 53
Recommended Materialsp. 54
Program Ideasp. 57
Websitesp. 59
Resourcesp. 60
6 Latino Culturep. 61
Recommended Materialsp. 61
Program Ideasp. 69
Websitesp. 71
7 Middle Eastp. 73
Recommended Materialsp. 74
Program Ideasp. 79
Websitesp. 81
8 Native American Culturep. 82
Recommended Materialsp. 82
Program Ideasp. 93
Websitesp. 94
Resourcesp. 95
9 Russiap. 97
Recommended Materialsp. 98
Program Ideasp. 103
Websitesp. 111
Resourcesp. 112
Bibliographyp. 113
Contributorsp. 115
Indexp. 117