Going live starting and running a virtual reference service için kapak resmi
Going live starting and running a virtual reference service
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2003.
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viii, 182 p. ; 23 cm.


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E-Kitap 1382858-1001 Z711.45 .C64 2003 ALA E-Kitap Koleksiyonu

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Virtual reference entails real-life decisions, services, budgets, constraints, and opportunities. This book includes an overview of many questions that need to be answered when providing real-time, online reference service. Although the brief discussions of these issues are satisfactory, the most useful parts of the book are appendix A, The Software Feature Checklist ; chapter 4, Marketing Virtual Reference Services ; and Bernie Sloan's abridged version of his Digital Reference Services Bibliography. Chapter 2 is a nice overview of what can be done and how to do it, from designing a project through staffing, costing, and copyright. The chapter on managing virtual reference reflects only one style of management, as does appendix B, Sample Pre-employment Screening Test andey ; these are of less value than the rest of the book. Somewhat expensive but potentially useful. -- RBB Copyright 2003 Booklist

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For the last 100 years reference services had remained essentially unchanged until the advent of the Internet. Now, without the professional expertise of librarians, several dot-com companies like Ask Jeeves have tried to provide free and fee-based "Ask-a" services on the web. Librarians, alarmed at declining traditional reference desk statistics and facing competition from the web, are looking to recapture their place as information professionals by providing reference services in the form of live chat or virtual reference. Coffman, as a VP for product development at LSSI (Library Systems and Services, Inc.), helps libraries migrate their reference services to the web. With contributions by Michelle Flander, who manages the Web Reference Center at LSSI, and Kay Henshall, chief trainer for LSSI's Virtual Reference Toolkit, his book provides a comprehensive overview of live online reference services and the process for establishing them. The chapters cover what librarians will need to know to design, manage, market, and evaluate such programs. A final chapter takes a sober look at current and future reference services, virtual or otherwise. Appendixes include a detailed software feature checklist, a pre-employment aptitude test for virtual reference applicants used by LSSI for its Web Reference Center, and a bibliography contributed by Bernie Sloan, the first executive director of the Illinois Library Computer Systems Organization and a founder of ILLNet Online. Each new technological development in the library field brings an avalanche of books written about it. If you have already purchased a book on this topic, such as Mark Meola and Sam Stormont's Starting and Operating Live Virtual Reference Services (Professional Media, LJ 11/15/02), you may not need another. However, if you have been sitting back waiting for the dust to settle or are looking for a good companion to other virtual reference titles, you would not go wrong with this one.-Robert L. Battenfeld, Southampton Coll. Lib.-Long Island Univ., NY (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.