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The back page
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2009.
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xiv, 205 p. ; 23 cm.
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Booklist (Chicago, Ill. : 1969)


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Where else can you find an entertaining book filled with the miscellany of the publishing world? Readers can discover everything from the trivial to the important in Bill Ott's The Back Page, part readers' advisory and part commentary on the world of books and literature, good and not so good.

Ott's book is a compendium of the literal back pages of Booklist. A column that has been published in the magazine since 1991, The Back Page is filled with humor and occasional defiance of the conventional, delighting readers with anecdotes, stories, quizzes (which are almost impossible to answer without cheating) and a host of insights into what makes books what they are--those wonderful and magical sources of great thoughts. Readers will enjoy essays about books and authors, genre fiction, life at Booklist and so much more.

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Editor's note: It is Booklist policy that a book written or edited by a staff editor receive a brief descriptive announcement rather than a full review. In his preface, Ott, editor and publisher of Booklist, traces the origins of his Back Page column to both his love of literary miscellany and advertisers' desire for something that would draw readers' eyes to the advertisements on the inside back cover. The column soon outgrew such humble origins, however, and has become many readers' first stop in a new issue of Booklist, according to Joyce Saricks in her foreword, Confessions of a Back Page Junkie. In 84 columns spanning more than 20 years, this collection highlights Ott's seriousness, humor, and range, whether writing about Anthony Powell or Michael Connelly, book awards or golf handicaps, his own visit to the White House or a vice-presidential contender's circumlocution or even issuing a mea culpa for Booklist's 1952 review of Charlotte's Web. But despite the column's evolution, Ott never abandoned the humble quiz; 22 of them are included here.--Graff, Keir Copyright 2009 Booklist