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The whole digital library handbook
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2007.
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x, 416 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


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Essential facts, advice, lists, documents, guidelines, lore, wit, and wisdom: Along with fun and irreverence, it's what readers have come to expect from the Whole Library series. This latest entry zooms in on the cutting edge -- the digital library. In a one-volume compendium that's by turns encyclopedic, useful, and engaging, contributors provide an overview of digital libraries, covering the state of information, issues, customers, challenges, tools and technology, preservation, and the future.

From blogs to Wikis, highlights include:

Digitization project planning tips and tools 13 ways of looking at digital preservation Gary Price's 8 tips to make change The value proposition of the digital library Lists of Internet libraries, libraries that I.M., libraries that podcast Interpretations of NextGen demographic data Prominent librarians' perspectives on Amazoogle

Collecting insights from library luminaries as well the perspectives of interesting experts from outside the ranks of library professionals, The Whole Digital Library Handbook decodes the jargon and cuts to the chase. Digital libraries are all about access to information, and this is the one-volume resource that puts it all in perspective.

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This volume is a compendium similar to ALA's Whole Library Handbook (4th ed., 2006) except that it focuses on digital libraries. Part 1 defines the digital library, e-reference, and the digital library federation. Additional parts cover users, tools, operations, and more. Besides librarians, other experts and commentators on the various technologies present their views on topics ranging from Google's digital book project, to interpretations of NextGen demographic data, to digital preservation. The assembled facts, lore, wit and wisdom, guidelines, documents, and advice should engender raucous discussions and debates and raise more questions than they answer. All articles included are excerpted, with full texts available elsewhere as indicated in the citations.--Awe, Susan Copyright 2007 Booklist


Christine BorgmanDonald J. WatersAbby SmithRichard De GennaroJoseph JanesAlex WrightDeanna B. MarcumKarin WittenborgLorrie LejeuneAnne G. LipowRoy RosenzweigScott CarlsonChris D. Ferguson and Charles A. BungeJohn Seely BrownDiana Oblinger and James OblingerStephen Abram and Judy LutherSteve JonesGary Marchionini and Hermann MaurerDaniel Greenstein and Suzanne ThorinWendy Pradt LougeeClifford LynchLorcan DempseyScott CarlsonPaul B. GandelGeoffrey NunbergWilliam Y. ArmsAmy FriedlanderScott CarlsonJerry D. CampbellStanley WilderRobert PutnamChris AndersonTom StoreyChristine RosenBonnie NardiSherry TurkleMarylaine BlockSharon Gray WeinerJoan K. LippincottDonald HawkinsGreg NotessPaul B. Gandel and Richard N. KatzRon ChepesiukJennifer Burek PierceJoseph JanesDeborah FallowsGeorge PloskerGary PriceGordon FlaggGordon FlaggMary Sue ColemanJeffrey R. YoungAnne R. Kenney and Nancy Y. McGovern and Ida T. Martinez and Lance J. HeidigGreg NotessKaren G. SchneiderChristine RosenMarshall BreedingBuff HirkoPaula BerinsteinKim GuentherMarshall BreedingPeter MorvilleRebecca BloodRebecca BloodLee RainieScott CarlsonLori Bell and Tom PetersLynn Silipigni ConnawayMichael StephensSheri Crofts and Jon Dilley and Mark Fox and Andrew Retsema and Bob WilliamsStephen AbramAaron Schmidt and Michael StephensDiane M. O'Keefe and Janet T. O'KeefeAbby SmithTimothy W. ColeKaren CoyleCaroline Arms and Carl FleischhauerAbby SmithJeffrey PenkaBuff HirkoSteve Coffman and Linda ArretJune BesekPeter B. HirtleCarol HendersonAbby SmithBrian Lavoie and Lorcan DempseyAbby SmithCris FergusonGeoffrey FreemanMichele V. Cloonan and John G. DoveNancy KranichRoy TennantBill BeckerJill Ann HurstMarilyn Geller
Prefacep. ix
1 Definitions
A Digital Library Is...p. 2
The Invisible Libraryp. 4
What Are Digital Libraries?p. 5
What Is Digital Information?p. 8
Back to the Futurep. 9
The New Cybrariansp. 15
Libraries as Places to Linger and Minglep. 17
Research Libraries Ponder: What's Next?p. 18
The Digital Library Federation: Membership Has Its Privilegesp. 24
What Becomes a Leader Most?p. 27
Which Came First?p. 33
Reference in the Digital Agep. 38
Primary Resources at Your Fingertipsp. 43
Shelve under Ep. 48
Value Propositionsp. 51
Glossary of Termsp. 56
2 Users
Growing Up Digitalp. 68
Nothing but Netp. 71
Chips and Dips: Educating and Serving the Net Generationp. 76
Net Gainsp. 83
Emerging Rolesp. 86
Origin of the Speciesp. 90
Diffuse Librariesp. 92
Digital Collections, Digital Libraries, and the Digitization of Cultural Heritage Informationp. 96
Intermediate Consumersp. 98
Advanced Photo Shopp. 100
Cautionary Tales: Part Onep. 103
Cautionary Tales: Part Twop. 106
Strength in Numbersp. 108
Who Uses What?p. 111
Turn On before Usingp. 113
The Tipping Pointp. 114
The Case against Information Literacyp. 117
How They View Us: Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resourcesp. 120
3 The Landscape
The Public Trustp. 124
Wagging the Tailp. 128
Libraries by the Tailp. 139
Phoning Home Alonep. 142
Keystone Copsp. 145
Our Computers, Ourselvesp. 150
Managing the Internetp. 155
Growing Painsp. 161
Net Generation Students and Librariesp. 166
Viewing Patternsp. 171
"Is What's Past, Prologue?"p. 176
Net Effectsp. 178
Famine or Feast?p. 182
From a Distancep. 187
Law Reviewp. 191
4 The Market
What We Know Will Hurt Usp. 198
Internet Searching Gets Thumbs Upp. 199
Et Tu, Yahoo!?p. 201
Fear No Evilp. 206
Scanning the Horizonp. 206
As Google Goes...p. 208
Google, the Khmer Rouge, and the Public Goodp. 209
Scribes of the Digital Erap. 218
Apples and Orangesp. 222
Web Valuep. 225
5 Tools
The User Is Not Broken: A Meme Masquerading as a Manifestop. 232
Invasion of the Pod Peoplep. 233
Striking a Balancep. 235
Getting the Goodsp. 238
Where's Wiki???p. 241
Sticky Wikisp. 242
Playing Well with Othersp. 249
Caught in the Webbingp. 251
Defining Findabilityp. 255
Internet Librariesp. 259
Ten Tips for a Better Blogp. 262
Blog Beginningsp. 264
The Blog Filesp. 267
Coming Soon: Doing Research with Your Cell Phonep. 269
Digital Library Services for Allp. 271
The Future of e-Booksp. 276
iPods Add Wow Factorp. 281
More on Pod Peoplep. 285
Wireless Libraries and Wireless Communities: Why?p. 289
IM the Walrusp. 294
6 Operations
I Am the Very Model of Computerized Librarianp. 300
Starting Outp. 301
Principles for Good Digital Collectionsp. 302
Just Say the Wordp. 305
Starting a Digitization Projectp. 309
Technical Infrastructure/Image Creationp. 313
Factors to Consider When Choosing Digital Formatsp. 314
Digitization = Accessp. 318
Going Where the Users Arep. 321
Chatting It Upp. 326
Making Chat Work Betterp. 328
Copyright Need-to-Know Basicsp. 330
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United Statesp. 336
Why Librarians Care about Copyrightp. 340
7 Preservation
Digitization Is Not Preservation-at Least Not Yetp. 342
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Digital Preservationp. 345
Strategies for Preserving Digital Contentp. 358
The Key to LOCKSS: An Interview with Victoria Reich, Director, LOCKSS Programp. 363
8 The Future
Reinventing the Libraryp. 370
The Third Lawp. 374
Keeping It Openp. 378
A Modest Proposalp. 387
Looking for Bucksp. 392
Getting the Right Stuffp. 397
Tips for Managing E-Resourcesp. 402
Indexp. 409