Human resources for results the right person for the right job için kapak resmi
Human resources for results the right person for the right job
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Chicago, Ill. : American Library Association, c2007.
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xvii, 156 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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E-Kitap 1382956-1001 Z682 .G67 2007 ALA E-Kitap Koleksiyonu

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"Use human resource management functions and techniques to accomplish your library's goals and objectives in order to provide your community with the library services it wants and needs."
--Jeanne Goodrich and Paula Singer, from the Introduction

Expanding on the highly effective PLA Results Series, Goodrich and Singer offer PLA colleagues a strategic approach to the human resources (HR) function in the library. The book focuses on a variety of possible projects and how to staff them, allowing each library to decide where and how to focus their attention. It includes everything needed to deploy HR strategically in the library and:

Align staff resources with what needs to be done Identify the right people for the right jobs and develop meaningful job descriptions Create a high-performance work force through performance plans, coaching, and evaluation Retain the best and brightest by creating the culture, designing expectations, and building commitment

Packed with practical tools, this hands-on guide includes a familiar case study that illustrates how the information can be applied, along with twelve workforms to help you collect and organize the data you need to make informed HR decisions. Using this project-based approach, library directors, administrators and human resource managers can identify and motivate the right team members to achieve the library's goals and service priorities as identified in the planning process.

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This entry in the Public Library Association's Results series focuses on how library managers can use human resources functions to support the goals and service priorities as identified in their strategic plans. Each chapter begins with a list of milestones or goals that the reader will have learned after reading the chapter. Complementing the chapters are two tools: an example of human resources strategic planning in a fictional county library and an appendix of downloadable work forms, such as Position Description Questionnaire and Recruitment Process.  The information and strategies presented in these pages would be useful to library managers and human resources departments in large library systems. Smaller libraries may feel overwhelmed with the process and may want to consult with their parent organization for support.--Carbone, Jerry Copyright 2007 Booklist