Leadership for excellence insights of National School Library Media Program of the Year Award winners için kapak resmi
Leadership for excellence insights of National School Library Media Program of the Year Award winners
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2008.
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vii, 120 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.


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How do the most successful school library media specialists play a leading role in student achievement in their schools? Jo Ann Carr and AASL share behind-the-scenes details and best practices, including how and why top programs succeed, get funding, and become integral contributors in their school communities.

Addressing the importance of school library media specialists as instructional leaders and collaborators in diverse roles, this inspirational resource outlines proven practical strategies. Those who have achieved success provide insights for building partnerships for learning, all centered on developing the leadership skills of school library media specialists in

Learning and teaching Information access and delivery Program administration Future vision

Highlighting exemplary school library media centers, this collection of case histories and reflections from leaders of award-winning programs examines what works and why. Learn how winners integrate their programs into the school curriculum and drive excellence within the learning community. Explore websites of the award winners and review worksheets, fliers, and before-and-after photos to understand the process behind the success.

This is a must-have, hands-on inspiration for achieving the goal of student-centered teaching and learning within the school community for school library media specialists, school administrators, teachers, and teacher educators.

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Each year the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) sponsors a competition to choose the National School Library Media Program of the Year (NSLMPY) Award winner. This volume primarily consists of best practices described by award-winning library media specialists (LMS) in eight schools and districts. The book is arranged to align with the library media program principles outlined in AASL's Information Power (1998): learning and teaching, information access and delivery, and program administration. Not surprisingly, most practices (16) are mentioned in the first category. Most of the entries are a couple of pages long and include a summary, objectives, LMS leadership role, contribution to student achievement, funding, and evaluation. A final section provides several visions of potential library media programs, tending to focus on Web 2.0 and on assessment. An appendix lists the Web sites of the NSLMPY-honored programs. A selective bibliography of resources for exemplary library media programs and an index conclude the volume.--Farmer, Lesley Copyright 2008 Booklist