The black belt librarian real-world safety & security için kapak resmi
The black belt librarian real-world safety & security
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2012.
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xx, 80 p. ; 23 cm.


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E-Kitap 1383031-1001 Z679.6 .G73 2012 ALA E-Kitap Koleksiyonu

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Sharing expertise gleaned from more than two decades as a library security manager, Graham demonstrates that libraries can maintain their best traditions of openness and public access by creating an unobtrusive yet effective security plan. In straightforward language, the author * Shows how to easily set clear expectations for visitors' behavior * Presents guidelines for when and how to intervene when someone violates the code of conduct, including tips for approaching an unruly patron * Offers instruction on keeping persistent troublemakers under control or permanently barred from the library * Gives library staff tools for communicating effectively with its security professionals, including examples of basic documentationThe Black Belt Librarian arms librarians with the confidence and know-how they need to maintain a comfortable, productive, and safe environment for everyone in the library.