Listening to learn audiobooks supporting literacy için kapak resmi
Listening to learn audiobooks supporting literacy
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Chicago : American Library Association, 2012.
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xi, 188 p. ; 23 cm.


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Drawing on decades of audiobook experience and research, librarians Grover and Hannegan convincingly make the case that audiobooks not only present excellent opportunities to engage the attention of young people but also advance literacy. Listening to Learn connects audiobooks with K-12 curricula and demonstrates how the format can support national learning standards and literacy skills by * Presenting a concise history of the audiobook, with commentary from experts in the field * Showing librarians how to harness their library's audiobook collection and practice effective collection development * Including thematic lists of quality titles and suggested group listening activities, ready for use in the classroom by teachers * Helping parents use audiobooks as an incentive to read and encourage skill developmentComplete with a research bibliography and resource guide, Listening to Learn ensures that librarians, educators, and parents can make audiobooks a major component of literacy advancement.

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Grover and Hannegan draw upon their library and award committee experience to recommend titles and activities for integrating audiobooks into K-12 learning. They survey research that links listening with improved vocabulary and reading comprehension; highlight programs such as Earphone English for English-language learners; identify national, state, and local learning standards relevant to classroom listening; and suggest audio titles and classroom activities corresponding to learning standards. Annotations for 180 audiobooks (for primary, intermediate primary, middle, and high schools) give special attention to narration, music, and effects, in addition to plot summaries. For collection development, there are criteria for evaluating audiobooks and suggested online resources to keep current on new titles. Evolving formats, including Playaways and downloadable audio, are briefly discussed. Bolstered with quotes from teachers, authors, narrators, and others who share an enthusiasm for audio, this guide is recommended for libraries supporting teachers and parents.--Burcher, Charlotte Copyright 2010 Booklist