Managing library volunteers (ALA guides for the busy librarian), second edition için kapak resmi
Managing library volunteers (ALA guides for the busy librarian), second edition
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American Library Association, 2011.
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335 p.
Introduction: The Volunteer Program Cycle.

Part 1: Volunteer Services Library Program.

Section 1: The Value of Library Volunteerism.

Section 2: Volunteer Services Program Mission Statement.

Section 3: Volunteer Services Program Benefits.

Section 4: Volunteer Administration.

Section 5: Rights and Duties of Volunteers.

Section 6: Volunteers and Library Friends Groups.

Section 7: Legal and Risk Management Issues.

Section 8: Volunteer Program Communication.

Section 9: Volunteer Program Evaluation.

Part 2: Volunteer Recruitment.

Section 10: Volunteer Motivation.

Section 11: Volunteer Needs Assessment.

Section 12: Job Design.

Section 13: Job Descriptions.

Section 14: Requisitioning Volunteers.

Section 15: Marketing the Volunteer Services Program.

Section 16: Recruitment of Volunteers.

Section 17: Recruitment Approaches.

Section 18: Volunteer Application Forms.

Section 19: Interviewing and Selection.

Section 20: Background and Reference Requests.

Section 21: Volunteer Agreements and Releases.

Section 22: Time Forms.

Part 3: Training and Development.

Section 23: Orientation Training.

Section 24: Customer Confidentiality.

Section 25: Volunteer Training and Testing.

Section 26: Safety Training.

Section 27: Performance Management and Evaluation.

Part 4: Awards and Recognition.

Section 28: Volunteer Recognition Policies.

Section 29: Recognition Programs.

Section 30: Awards, Gifts, and Perks.

Part 5: Volunteer Rules and Discipline.

Section 31: Library Volunteer Rules.

Section 32: Volunteer Corrective Action.

Section 33: Devolunteering.

Section 34: Exit Interviews and References.

Part 6: Volunteer Record Keeping.

Section 35: Volunteer Human Resource Files.

Section 36: Volunteer Administrative Records.

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Volunteers are essential to a successful library program--and at a time when deep budget cuts are the norm, there are many libraries that depend on the help of dedicated volunteers, who do everything from shelving books to covering the phones. Whether these are friends, trustees, or community members, managing them effectively is the key to harnessing their enthusiasm for the benefit of your library. In the new second edition of Managing Library Volunteers authors Preston Driggers and Eileen Dumas completely overhaul their classic work, presenting a top-to-bottom toolkit for recruiting, interviewing, training, supervising, and evaluating volunteers. This book includes

Tips for recruiting volunteers from your community by using social networking, electronic posting, and the library website Principles of volunteer administration, including the rights and duties of volunteers Important legal and risk management issues facing libraries Dozens of sample job descriptions, application forms, parental permissions, sign-in sheets, planning checklists, exit surveys and much more

Quality volunteers can make a world of difference in today's library, and this hands-on guide gives you everything you need to maximize your library's services and build a bridge between your library and the community it serves.

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In the almost 10 years since the first edition of this classic work was written, library technology and services have changed dramatically. Outreach to volunteers now includes social-networking sites and electronic postings, and new volunteers are pulled in from these virtual sources as much as from participation in storytimes or book groups. Updated to reflect current trends, this readable handbook still covers tips for recruiting (expanded to deal with life online); the principles of volunteer administration (including volunteers' rights and duties); legal and risk-management issues; and necessary forms, job descriptions, checklists, and surveys. Library staff will want to update to this more current treatment, which remains the title of choice on this topic.--Welton, An. Copyright 2010 Booklist