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Managing in the middle: the librarian's handbook (ALA guides for the busy librarian)
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American Library Association, 2013.
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194 p.
Part I: Middle Management 101.

Starting Out; 1. It's a Job, Not a Reward!.

2. Stepping Right into the Middle of....

3. Testing the Waters: Creative Role Playing for Management Success.

4. Learning the Ropes: LIS and Professional Training Are Not Enough.

5. Is an MBA a Good Choice for Middle Management Librarians?.

6. Expertise, Influence, and Magical Thinking: Interviews with Middle Managers.

7. Business Books for the Library Middle Manager: An Annotated Bibliography.

Communication; 8. Rethinking Interpersonal Communication for Managers.

9. The Middle in the Middle: Maintaining Your Sanity while Mediating Conflict.

10. Horizontal Communication: Social Networking in the Middle.

11. Feeling Good in the Middle: Emotional Intelligence at Work.

12. Top Communication Rules for Effective Library Management.

Part II: The Middle Ground.

Advanced Skills; 13. Formal and Informal Communication in Meetings.

14. The Power of Un.

15. Checklist for Productivity.

16. Procrastination and Willpower.

17. The Critical Path for Middle Managers: A Project Management Technique for Librarians.

Performance Management; 18. Supervision.

19. Firm but Fair: Dealing with Problem Employees.

20. Performance Management: Making Difficult Conversations Easy and Managing Soft Skills.

21. Performance Improvement: An Overview for Middle Managers.

22. Consult Me First: Building Consultative Relationships between Top-Level and Mid-Level Library Managers.

23. Managing Perceptions.

24. Surviving Layoffs.

25. The Poor Administrator and You: Survival Tips for the Mid-Level Manager.

26. Coping with Reorganization: An Interview with Sally Decker Smith.

Part III: Empowerment.

Leadership; 27. The Self-Determined Middle Manager.

28. Developing Leaders.

29. Being an Entrepreneurial Leader.

30. Managing Change: A Reading Guide for Today's Middle Manager.

Career Development; 31. The Need for Middle Managers: Turning Today's New Librarians into Tomorrow's Leaders.

32. Building Strong Middle Manager/ Paralibrarian Relationships: Middle Managers as Mentors.

33. Moving Up the Ranks and Back Again: Lessons Learned as an Interim Library Director.

34. Working with the Plateaued Employee.

35. Taking Risks and Letting Go, Creating and Coaching Teams: An Interview with John Lubans.

Cover, Title,Managing in the middle: the librarian's handbook (ALA guides for the busy librarian)--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Foreword--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Introduction--References, Appendix, Index,Contributors--References, Appendix, Index,Index.


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Fully a third of all library supervisors are "managing in the middle:" reporting to top-level managers while managing teams of peers or paraprofessional staff in some capacity. This practical handbook is here to assist middle managers navigate their way through the challenges of multitasking and continual gear-shifting. The broad range of contributors from academic and public libraries in this volume help librarians face personal and professional challenges by Linking theoretical ideas about mid-level management to real-world situations Presenting ways to sharpen crucial skills such as communication, productivity, delegation, and performance management Offering specific advice on everything from supervision to surviving layoffsBeing a middle manager can be a difficult job, but the range of perspectives in this book offer strategies and tips to make it easier.

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Whether you are a new library manager, supervisor, or department head or a seasoned veteran manager who has seen it all, done it all, and created the app, this book, from the ALA Guides for the Busy Librarians series, is an incredibly helpful must-read. Editors Farrell and Schlesinger have found librarians willing to generously share examples from their own experiences as middle managers. The book offers sound advice from the middle-management trenches of the library world as well as highly relatable real-world scenarios and survival tips. Divided into three concise sections Middle Management 101, The Middle Ground, and Empowerment this handbook also includes an extensive annotated bibliography featuring recommended management books highlighting the one constant in the life of a library middle manager: change. A highly recommended addition to a personal or staff professional-development library and for use in MLIS management courses.--Jones, Joslyn Copyright 2010 Booklist