Web analytics strategies for information professionals:  a LITA guide (LITA guide) için kapak resmi
Web analytics strategies for information professionals: a LITA guide (LITA guide)
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American Library Association, 2013.
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236 p.
Part 1: Introduction to Web Analytics in Libraries.

Chapter One: Understanding Web Analytics for Libraries.

Chapter Two: Talking the Talk: Web Analytics Terms and Definitions.

Chapter Three: Selecting and Evaluating a Web Analytics Tool.

Chapter Four: Creating Customized Web Analytics Reports for Libraries.

Chapter Five: Action-Oriented Analytics: Turning Data into Decisions.

Chapter Six: Communicating Website Usage within Your Library.

Chapter Seven: Mobile Analytics in Libraries.

Part 2: Using Web Analytics in Libraries Case Studies.

Chapter Eight: The Right Tools for the Job: Using Analytics to Drive Design.

Chapter Nine: Using Web Analytics Tools to Revise a Humanities Library Website.

Chapter Ten: Web Analytics Applied to Online Catalog Usage at the University of Denver.

Chapter Eleven: Optimizing Open-Source Web Analytics Tools for Increased Security of WordPress and Drupal.

Cover, Title,Web analytics strategies for information professionals: a LITA guide (LITA guide)--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Preface--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix A: Glossary of Web Analytics Terms and Concepts--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix B: Web Analytics Tool Profiles--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix C: Bibliography and Suggested Resources--References, Appendix, Index,About the Authors and Chapter Contributors--References, Appendix, Index,Index.


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Are you getting your money's worth out of Google Analytics? Investing time in customizing your settings in Google Analytics helps you get the most out of the detailed data it offers, particularly if your library's web presence spans multiple platforms. In this issue of Library Technology Reports, experienced trainers Farney and McHale point you to the high-payoff priorities, with specific advice on such topics asHow to implement Google Analytics in common content management systems, OPACs, discovery layers, and institutional repositoriesCross-domain tracking, including guidance on when and how to combine or separate data across multiple domains or subdomainsIdentifying your website's purpose and using Goal Reports to measure resultsUsing filters to exclude activity by library staff from your dataUsing event tracking to get data on use of PDFs, video player widgets, and other non-HTML objectsSample easy-to-implement HTML code is included in this issue, making it even more valuable.