Say it with data:  a concise guide to making your case and getting results için kapak resmi
Say it with data: a concise guide to making your case and getting results
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American Library Association, 2013.
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153 p.
Chapter 1: Determining Need, Message, and Audience.

Chapter 2: Secrets of Effective Communication.

Chapter 3: Working with the Power of Statistics.

Chapter 4: Methods of Measurement: Surveys.

Chapter 5: Methods of Measurement: Focus Groups.

Chapter 6: Presenting Data to Get Results.

Cover, Title,Say it with data: a concise guide to making your case and getting results--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Preface--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Acknowledgments--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix A: Survey Checklist--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix B: Focus Group Checklist--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix C: Data Presentation Checklist--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix D: Birmingham Public Library Patron Survey--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix E: Sample Student Survey, Robert E. Lee High School--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix F: Sample Teacher Survey, Robert E. Lee High School--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix G: Westborough Public School Library Survey (Faculty)--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix H: Sample Survey Results for Analysis--References, Appendix, Index,Bibliography--References, Appendix, Index,Index.
[Auto Generated] Preface For years school and public libraries have been facing critical challenges of sustainability and growth just as the nation at large has .For individual frontline librarians ,it ’s easier to consider advocacy efforts to be someone else ’s job ,but everyone has to own the responsibility of advocacy .For library program managers ,the consequences have become too large to ignore the need for a sustained advocacy campaign .Being a frontline advocate requires vision ,a deep understanding of the workings of the library ,and a plan of relationship building and communication .Too often ,the task seems so daunting ,or the human and time resources so limited ,that any effort to conduct deliberate ,persuasive communication keeps getting pushed ...


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Administrators, policymakers, legislators, and the public demand concrete, measurable evidence of the need for libraries and their use. The collection and dissemination of data about library service in a straightforward, convincing manner are integral components of library advocacy in the current economic climate. Addressing frontline librarians lobbying for increased programming or staff, as well as administrators marshalling statistics to stem the tide of budget cuts and prevent library closure, this vital new book explores the whys and hows of using data to build a better picture of library needs and success. With a distinctive combination of research-based information and practical application, DandoDemonstrates how data from surveys, focus groups, ALA, and state and local sources can be aggregated and used to craft a strong messageTakes readers step by step through the process of using data to tailor a message to specific audiencesOffers real-world examples from school and public libraries that can be used as modelsAddressing the requirements of a variety of stakeholders, this concise resource lays out an easy-to-follow, systematic way of inspiring action through clear, compelling data.

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This book will help any librarian effectively gather and use data to support one's arguments to decision makers. Dando gives great information about how to make your case and get results using quantitative and qualitative data gathered through surveys and focus groups, among other methods. The book draws on personal experience and is written in a nontechnical manner. Checklists are included for surveys, focus groups, and data presentation, along with sample surveys (public library patrons, high-school students and teachers, and school faculty) and a sample of survey results for data presentation. Whether they are seasoned leaders, librarians seeking to prove to others the importance of a new idea or change, or students learning how to use surveys and focus groups to support decision making, most librarians will find value in this book.--Marcus, Sara Copyright 2010 Booklist