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Management basics for information professionals, Third edition
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American Library Association, 2013.
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601 p.
Part I: Managerial Environment.

1. Introduction.

2. Operating Environment.

3. Legal Issues and Library Management.

Part II: Managerial Skill Sets.

4. The Planning Process.

5. Power, Accountability, and Responsibility.

6. Delegating.

7. Decision Making.

8. Communicating.

9. Changing and Innovating.

10. Assessment, Quality Control, and Operations.

11. Marketing and Advocacy.

Part III: Managing People.

12. Motivating.

13. Leading.

14. Building Teams.

15. Addressing Diversity.

16. Staffing.

Part IV: Managing Things.

17. Managing Money.

18. Managing Technology.

19. Managing and Planning Physical Facilities.

Part V: Managing Yourself and Your Career.

20. Ethics.

21. Planning Your Career.

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[Auto Generated] Preface This edition ,like its predecessors ,covers the basics of management that you ought to understand as you begin your career as a librarian .As we discuss in Chapter 1 ,you are likely to be called upon to begin to manage one or more people more quickly than you might expect .Having basic management skills will benefit both yourself and those whom you are asked to manage .Although the basics themselves have not changed since the previous edition appeared ,the thinking about their application has evolved ,technology has changed ,and ,most significantly ,the economic environment in which libraries must operate is very different .We address such developments throughout the text .The material is presented in five parts .Part I looks at the ...


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Reflecting the rapidly changing information services environment, the third edition of this bestselling title offers updates and a broader scope to make it an even more comprehensive introduction to library management. Addressing the basic skills good library managers must exercise throughout their careers, this edition includes a completely new chapter on management ethics. Evans and Alire also pay close attention to management in "new normal" straitened economic conditions and offer updates on technological topics like social media. Among the areas covered are The managerial environment, including organizational skill sets, the importance of a people-friendly organization, and legal issues Managerial skills such as planning, accountability, trust and delegation, decision making, principles of effective organizational communication, fostering change and innovation, quality control, and marketing Key points on leadership, team-building, and human resource management Budget, resource, and technology management Why ethics matter Tips for planning a library career, with a look at the work/life debate

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This practical guide to management for any level of information professional is full of great tips and pertinent references on all sorts of skills and concepts. The text is split into four main parts, starting out with basic management concepts and issues such as diversity and staffing. Then it moves through knowledge and skill areas like marketing, decision making, planning, delegation, performance, communication, motivation, and leadership. The third part focuses on managing people, money, technology, and facilities; and the final part of the book deals with career development and ideas for the future. Easy to read and comprehend, the book would be a great resource for library classes and those interested in library management and administration.--Donaldson, Christy Copyright 2008 Booklist