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Records and information management
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American Library Association, 2013.
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426 p.
Chapter 1: The Origins and Development of Records and Information Management.

Chapter 2: Building an Information Governance Program on a Solid RIM Foundation.

Chapter 3: Records and Information Creation/Capture ,Classification, and File Plan Development.

Chapter 4: Records Retention Strategies: Inventory, Appraisal, Retention, and Disposition.

Chapter 5: Records and Information Access, Storage, and Retrieval.

Chapter 6: Electronic Records and Electronic Records Management Systems.

Chapter 7: Emerging Technologies and Records Management.

Chapter 8: Vital Records, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, and Business Continuity.

Chapter 9: Monitoring, Auditing, and Risk Management.

Chapter 10: Inactive Records Management, Archives, and Long-Term Preservation.

Chapter 11: Records Management Education and Training.

Chapter 12: From Records Management to Information Governance: An Evolution.

Cover, Title,Records and information management--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,List of Illustrations--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Introduction--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix: A Sampling of Records Management Laws and Regulations outside of the United States--References, Appendix, Index,Glossary--References, Appendix, Index,Bibliography--References, Appendix, Index,Index.
[Auto Generated] Introduction With all of the hype about social media ,cloud computing ,digital preservation ,electronic records ,big data ,and the concept of information governance to tame the resulting chaos ,why would anyone publish another book with a title as unpretentious as Records and Information Management ?It ’s because a term other than records and information management would limit the scope of this book and its message in a way that would make it less relevant to readers .The discipline of records management ,including a responsibility to manage all information ,is fundamental to every information governance program .Recordkeeping can be traced back to prehistoric times when early cave dwellers documented their lives by painting murals on walls ...


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Students and professionals alike can benefit from the information in this book, which offers insights into a range of topics in the field. For instructors, and undergraduate and graduate level students, it will serve as an introduction to records and information management in archives, records and information management programs. Experienced archives and records professionals, as well as supervisors and managers charged with oversight will get a new perspective on their field, while upper-level managers, executives, and other decision makers responsible for effectively managing their organization's information assets will find it a useful guide. This book follows the records and information lifecycle model, encompassing paper, electronic (databases, office suites, email, IM), and new media records (blogs, wikis), as well as records residing in "the cloud" (software as a service).