The comparative guide to wordpress in libraries:  a LITA guide için kapak resmi
The comparative guide to wordpress in libraries: a LITA guide
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American Library Association, 2013.
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241 p.
Part 1: Understanding WordPress.

Chapter One: An Introduction to WordPress.

Chapter Two: Flavors of WordPress.

Chapter Three: The Competition.

Part 2: The Basics of Developing a WordPress Website.

Chapter Four: Website Planning.

Chapter Five: Using WordPress.

Chapter Six: Themes.

Chapter Seven: An Introduction to Plugins and Media.

Chapter Eight: Administrative Tools.

Part 3: Library Implementations of WordPress.

Chapter Nine: Academic Libraries.

Chapter Ten: Library Associations.

Chapter Eleven: Digital Libraries/Archives.

Chapter Twelve: Government and Law.

Chapter Thirteen: Public Libraries.

Chapter Fourteen: School Library Media Centers.

Chapter Fifteen: Special Libraries and Allies.

Cover, Title,The comparative guide to wordpress in libraries: a LITA guide--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Preface--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Acknowledgments--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix A: The Survey--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix B: Resources for WordPress--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix C: Plugins--References, Appendix, Index,Index.
[Auto Generated] Preface I f you ’re interested in this book ,you ’ve probably made the decision that a website is the best way to implement your library project .Congratulations !You have a myriad of choices available from hosting a simple one page site through your Dropbox account to hiring an outside company or using free tools to build your own website .Fortunately ,you do not have to build a website from scratch —to do that ,to paraphrase the great Carl Sagan ,you would first need to invent the Web .Instead ,you can rely on the powerful and customizable WordPress for your website development needs .WordPress is free software that allows you to build a website with no coding experience required .However ,a successful website does involve some elbow grease ...


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More than just an easy-to-use blogging platform, WordPress is in fact a flexible, open source content management system. Without spending a dime or writing a line of code, it's possible to build the library website of your dreams. But it's important to understand the basic principles of WordPress so you can plan wisely. In this LITA guide, User Experience (UX) librarian and seasoned WordPress instructor Goodman leads you step-by-step through the basic planning process for a library website that meets your users' needs and fits your available resources for maintaining it. Written with the questions of library administrators and technology staff in mind, this guide shows you How to make an informed decision about whether WordPress is the right platform for your library Options for hosted and self-hosted platforms Nearly two dozen WordPress sites, drawn from a wide range of different libraries and organizations How to choose the right theme for your library's content Succinct explanations of every element in the Administrative Dashboard with advice on library applications Quick tips on user experience, information architecture, and analytics Effective ways to use images, audio, and videoOffering a solid foundation in WordPress, this guide will help you design and launch a library website that effectively serves your library's users.