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Bingley, U.K. : Emerald, 2014.
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1 online resource (x, 363 p.) : ill.
Research in the history of economic thought and methodology, v. 32

Research in the history of economic thought and methodology ; v. 32.
Anti-Semitism and the Jewish question in the history of economic thought : an introductory note / Luca Michelini, Terenzio Maccabelli -- Capitalism and Judaism in Werner Sombart : a contribution to the analysis of capitalist rationality and its limits / Vitantonio Gioia -- Maffeo Pantaleoni : fomentor of the anti-Semitic press campaign / Luca Michelini -- Thorstein Veblen on the intellectual pre-eminence of Jews : beyond the myth of Veblen's 'Social marginality' / Tiziana Foresti -- Zionism, Fascism, racial laws : the case of Gino Arias / Omar Ottonelli -- Pareto-optimality or Pareto-efficiency : same concept, different names? An analysis over a century of economic literature / Irène Berthonnet, Thomas Delclite -- Ordo and European competition law / Flavio Felice, Massimiliano Vatiero -- The German edition of Keynes's General theory : controversies on the preface / Harald Hagemann -- Statistical economic balances in unbalanced times : the balance of the national economy of the USSR, 1923-24 : Pavel Illich Popov's contribution / Amanar Akhabbar -- Studying the balance of the national economy : an introduction (a translation) / Pavel Illich Popov -- Ohlin on the Great Depression : ten newspaper articles 1929-1935 / Benny Carlson, Lars Jonung.
This volume includes referred articles, archival pieces, and book reviews. The first section deals with economics and anti-Semitism and focuses on the contribution of four leading economists: Werner Sombart; Thorstein Veblen; Maffeo Pantaleoni and the Italian corporatist Gino Arias. The second section comprises articles on several subjects: the notion of Pareto optimality; the Ordo-Liberal conception of competition, Pavel Illich Popov's "The balance of the national economy of the USSR," and Keynes's German edition of the General theory. The archival section includes the English translation of a series of articles by Bertil Ohlin on the Great Depression.


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