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Hayek in Mind Hayek's philosophical psychology için kapak resmi
Hayek in Mind Hayek's philosophical psychology
9781780523996 (electronic bk.) : £62.95 ; €87.95 ; $114.95
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Bingley, U.K. : Emerald, 2011.
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1 online resource (xxviii, 283 p.) : ill.
Advances in Austrian economics, v. 15

Advances in Austrian economics ; v. 15.
'Socializing' the mind and 'cognitivizing' sociality / Leslie Marsh -- 'Marginal men' : Weimer on Hayek / Walter B. Weimer -- Hayek in today's cognitive neuroscience / Joaquín M. Fuster -- Views of Hayek, Hebb, and Heisenberg : toward an approach to brain functioning / Erol Basar -- Hayek, connectionism, and scientific naturalism / Joshua Rust -- Hayek's speculative psychology, the neuroscience of value estimation, and the basis of normative individualism / Don Ross -- Hayek, Popper, and the causal theory of the mind / Edward Feser -- C. S. Peirce and F. A. Hayek on the abstract nature of sensation and cognition / James R. Wible -- Hayek's post-positivist empiricism : experience beyond sensation / Jan Willem Lindemans -- A note on the influence of Mach's psychology in the sensory order / Giandomenica Becchio -- The emergence of the mind : Hayek's account of mental phenomena as a product of spontaneous physical and social orders / Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo -- Hayek's self-organizing mental order and folk-psychological theories of the mind / Chiara Chelini -- Beyond complexity : can the sensory order defend the liberal self? / Chor-yung Cheung -- Cognitive opening and closing : towards an exploration of the mental world of entrepreneurship / Thierry Aimar -- Getting to the Hayekian network / Troy Camplin.
Leading scholars consider Austrian economics from several perspectives such as characteristic themes of entrepreneurship and uncertainty, scientific methods such as mathematical complexity theory and experimental economics, and historical contexts such as pre-war Vienna and post-war France. Placing 'Austrian economics' in these multiple contexts helps to reveal the rich texture of the Austrian tradition in social thought and its multiple connections to current research in diverse fields. Applications to the theory of the trade cycle and to foreign intervention suggest that the Austrian tradition contains possibilities not yet full explored and exploited. The volume gathers together papers presented at the second biennial Wirth conference on Austrian economics, held in October 2008 when the crisis of Fall 2008 was still new and shocking. This coincidence of timing makes policy issues and crisis management a kind of leitmotif of the volume. If, as keynote speaker David Colander argues, Austrians have a comparative advantage in political economy, then its stock should rise in times of crisis and political uncertainty. The volume provides evidence in favor of this view. Contributors include David Colander, Richard Wagner, Jeffery McMullen, J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., Steve Horwitz, Richard Ebeling, Chris Coyne, and Peter Boettke.
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