Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health için kapak resmi
Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health
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Boston, MA : Springer US, 2005.
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XIV, 304 p. online resource.
Fundamentals -- A Brief History of Advances Toward Health -- The Health, Poverty, and Development Merry-Go-Round -- Old and New Pestilences -- Value Systems and Healthcare Ethics -- World Health -- Systems -- Health Policies versus Public Policies -- A Medicine Based on Evidence -- The Promise of Technology -- Critical Inquiries on Technology Utilization -- Therapeutic Patient Education for Chronic Diseases -- The Dynamics -- The Humanitarian Imperative in Major Health Crises and Disasters -- Dealing with Global Infectious Disease Emergencies -- Knowledge-Based Methodologies in the Health Sector -- Food Safety: A Pressing Public-Health and Economic Issue -- Future Health in an Ageing World -- The Controversies -- Disease and Health in the Cultural Context -- Global Issues and Health Interactions -- The Coming Storm -- Education, Understanding, and Eudaemonia -- Postscript: The Present and the Future of Global Health.
"Health is not escaping the current bulldozer of 'globalization,' with its attendant benefits, errors, complications, and unknowns. Economic, social, political, environmental, behavioural, and even transcendental factors are being perceived as shaping the increasingly borderless world order, and societal structures, including the health professional, are finding themselves ill prepared for the changes...This book is an attempt to understand, explain and if possible act on the transformations....It is highly recommended as a welcome collection of level-headed analyses of the current confused transmutations in disease theory and health action" (Journal of Humanitarian Medicine, vol. IV, no. 4, October-December 2004). "With a free spirit, the authors examine the bioethical, socio-political and scientific aspects of health" (World Health Organization Quarterly News, October-December 2005). Health is a basic human right. But as our planet grows smaller, the number of people without even minimal care continues to rise. Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health brings into sharp focus the ethics and multiple questions involved in keeping the world in optimal health - and identifies the massive tasks that lie ahead. Twenty-one internationally known contributors examine the bioethical, sociopolitical and scientific aspects of health, epidemics, aging populations, the double burden of disease, food safety, and other major health concerns of well-being at the international level. Because exporting health care expertise abroad entails more than merely translating what we know, they meet the controversies head-on: - Are health technologies wisely used? - Can today’s medicine coexist with traditional views and cultural practices? - Will the configuration of health resources change as people live longer? - Why are pandemics not controlled better? - Who wins when health systems clash with sociopolitical systems? - Does globalization necessarily mean the westernization and homogenization of care? Fast changing conditions and recent catastrophic events demand answers to these and similar vital questions. The authors of Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health balance realism, optimism and social conscience in their coverage so health professionals, policymakers and leaders can address them - locally as well as globally.


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-The editor and his contributors are prestigious in the global health community, many holding positions as affiliated with the World Health Organization. Also, Gunn is a head of the Society for Humanitarian Medicine.

-Will appeal as a high level policy book in public health and health courses.


J. LastS. LitsiosA. A. ArataB. M. DickensM. Manciaux and T. M. FliednerA. WojtczakJ. SzczerbanP. B. MansourianA. KazanjianJ.-P. AssalS. W. A. GunnD. L. HeymannB. McA. Sayers and J. J. AnguloF. KafersteinA. M. DaviesA. JablenskyA. P. R. AluwihareA. PielG. W. BrauerA. M. Davies
Introductionp. xi
Section I Fundamentalsp. 1
Chapter 1 A Brief History of Advances Toward Healthp. 3
Chapter 2 The Health, Poverty, and Development Merry-Go-Round: The Tribulations of WHOp. 15
Chapter 3 Old and New Pestilencesp. 35
Chapter 4 Value Systems and Healthcare Ethicsp. 55
Chapter 5 World Health: A Mobilizing Utopia?p. 69
Section II Systemsp. 83
Chapter 6 Health Policies versus Public Policiesp. 85
Chapter 7 A Medicine Based on Evidencep. 103
Chapter 8 The Promise of Technologyp. 121
Chapter 9 Critical Inquiries on Technology Utilizationp. 133
Chapter 10 Therapeutic Patient Education for Chronic Diseasesp. 147
Section III The Dynamicsp. 157
Chapter 11 The Humanitarian Imperative in Major Health Crises and Disastersp. 159
Chapter 12 Dealing with Global Infectious Disease Emergenciesp. 169
Chapter 13 Knowledge-based Methodologies in the Health Sectorp. 183
Chapter 14 Food Safety-A Pressing Public Health and Economic Issuep. 199
Chapter 15 Future Health in an Ageing Worldp. 213
Section IV The Controversiesp. 229
Chapter 16 Disease and Health in the Cultural Contextp. 231
Chapter 17 Global Issues and Health Interactions: Reflexions from the Southp. 241
Chapter 18 The Coming Storm: Health System Planning Versus Free Market Enterprisep. 253
Chapter 19 Education, Understanding, and Eudaemonia: A Contrarian View on Global Healthp. 267
Postscript: The Present and the Future of Global Healthp. 281
The Contributorsp. 287