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Wireless Communications
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New York, NY : Springer New York, 2007.
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X, 370 p. online resource.
The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, 143
A Survey of Scheduling Theory in Wireless Data Networks -- Wireless Channel Parameters Maximizing TCP Throughput -- Heavy Traffic Methods in Wireless Systems: Towards Modeling Heavy Tails and Long Range Dependence -- Structural Results on Optimal Transmission Scheduling over Dynamical Fading Channels: A Constrained Markov Decision Process Approach -- Entropy, Inference, and Channel Coding -- Optimization of Wireless Multiple Antenna Communication System Throughput Via Quantized Rate Control -- Communication Strategies and Coding for Relaying -- Scheduling and Control of Multi-Node Mobile Communications Systems with Randomly-Varying Channels by Stability Methods -- A Game Theoretic Approach to Interference Management in Cognitive Networks -- Enabling Interoperability of Heterogeneous ad hoc Networks -- Overlay Networks for Wireless ad hoc Networks -- Dimensionality Reduction, Compression and Quantization for Distributed Estimation with Wireless Sensor Networks -- Fair Allocation of A Wireless Fading Channel: An Auction Approach -- Modelling and Stability of Fast TCP.
This volume contains papers based on invited talks given at the 2005 IMA Summer Workshop on Wireless Communications, held at the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, University of Minnesota, June 22 - July 1, 2005. The workshop provided a great opportunity to facilitate the communications between academia and the industry, and to bridge the mathematical sciences, engineering, information theory, and communication communities. The emphases were on design and analysis of computationally efficient algorithms to better understand the behavior and to control the wireless telecommunication networks. As an archive, this volume presents some of the highlights of the workshop, and collects papers covering a broad spectrum of important and pressing issues in wireless communications. All papers have been reviewed. One of the book's distinct features is highly multi-disciplinary. This book is useful for researchers and advanced graduate students working in communication networks, information theory, signal processing, and applied probability and stochastic processes, among others.


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