Globalization and Health için kapak resmi
Globalization and Health
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2006.
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XVI, 202 p. online resource.
International Library of Ethics, Law, And the New Medicine, 27
PUBLIC HEALTH: DEVELOPING GLOBAL CONCERNS -- Travel in a small world -- Globalization and health -- Globalization and clinical trials -- Ethics, disease and obligation -- THE GLOBAL BIO-ECONOMY: CONSENSUS AND INNOVATION -- Regulating the bio-economy -- The global context for risk governance -- Global intellectual property protection of “innovative” pharmaceuticals -- Directing consumption -- Globalization and biotechnology policy -- GLOBALIZATION AND HEALTH CARE -- The rights of donor-conceived children to know the identity of their donor -- Globalization and English medical law -- Health practitioner regulation.
This timely collection explores ethical and legal dilemmas in healthcare arising from globalization. Conflicts between public interests and individual rights, the challenge of regulating professionals and access to health services, and the effects of a global market all feature prominently in contemporary debates in this area. As a result of globalization, issues in health law and bioethics can no longer be understood solely within political boundaries that define traditional notions of individuals and communities. Rather, solutions for emerging problems require a global conception of rights and obligations, including the re-evaluation of ethical frameworks and legal regimes that currently govern exchanges in healthcare. Leading scholars in bioethics, law, medicine and philosophy from various jurisdictions engage these themes in this volume, and demonstrate the need for transnational solutions in a global age of healthcare.


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