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How to Examine the Nervous System için kapak resmi
How to Examine the Nervous System
Standart Tanımlama:
Fourth Edition.
Yayın Bilgileri:
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2006.
Fiziksel Tanımlama:
XIV, 242 p. online resource.
The Ophthalmoscope, the Fundus Oculi, and Central and Peripheral Vision -- Loss of Vision -- The Abnormal Retina -- Eye Movements, Diplopia, and Cranial Nerves 3,4, and 6 -- Ptosis and the Pupils: Myasthenia Gravis and Other Diseases of the Eye and Eyelid Muscles -- Nystagmus -- Conjugate Gaze Palsies and Forced Conjugate Deviation -- Cranial Nerves 1,5, and 7 -- Cranial Nerves 8–12 -- The Upper Limb -- The Lower Limb -- Stance, Gait, and Balance -- Reflexes -- Sensation -- The Cerebellum -- The Corticospinal System -- Higher Cortical Functions: Intelligence and Memory -- Disorders of Speech.
Now reissued by popular demand, this acclaimed and seminal textbook by one of North America's most respected neurologists simplifies the apparent complexity of the neurological examination to make it completely understandable and satisfying to perform. With simple prose and numerous helpful illustrations, the author describes in detail reliable bedside examination techniques that will pinpoint the location of a lesion in the nervous system and lead to a resolution of the problem. The techniques cover a wide variety of problem areas, including the visual pathways, the sensory system, upper motor neurons, cranial nerves, the cerebellar system, upper and lower limbs, reflexes, the corticospinal system, disorders of speech, and problems of stance, gait, and balance. Classic and didactically inspired, How to Examine the Nervous System, Fourth Edition provides both established physicians and beginning medical students a concise, user-friendly introduction to the methods and techniques for study of the nervous system, showing that the examination is readily performed, that it is rationally constructed, and that it can be carried out successfully.
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