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Amazing Numbers in Biology
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Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2006.
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XIV, 295 p. online resource.
to the 6th German Edition -- to the 6th German Edition -- Zoology -- General: Size, Weight, Age ... -- Movement, Locomotion -- Alimentation, Digestion -- Metabolism -- Excretion -- Heart, Circulation -- Blood -- Respiration -- Reproduction, Development -- Nervous System -- Senses -- Botany -- General Data: Dimensions, Age, etc. -- Cellular Values -- Germination and Growth -- Reproduction: Blossoms, Fruits, Seeds -- Constituents -- Physiological Values -- Microbiology -- Microbiology -- Human Biology -- General Data -- Skin, Skin Adnexa (Hair, Nails, Glands) -- Heart, Circulation, Blood -- Respiration -- Nutrition, Digestion, Excretion -- Brain, Nerves, Senses -- Comparative Data -- Comparative Data.
With hundreds of tables and over 10,000 entries anyone who works or studies in the life sciences or those with a curious mind will find exact answers to many questions requiring comparative data. This book is a clearly laid out presentation of the plain facts of life from all areas of biology. None of those figures or superlatives that might seem exotic to the layman is left out. Biology comes alive by this comprehensive references work. From the reviews of the previous versions: "A must, not only for everyone interested in biology but also for all parents `Hey Mom, how long does an XX live?´, or as supplementary material for general education ..", Biotec " For many years the book ... belongs to the indispensable tools of university teachers and lecturers in the biosciences. But also biology teachers will find stimulating ideas for their lessons; the book also makes it easy for scientists to categorize their own research results fast and correctly…", Annals of Anatomy "Facts and figures that not only inform but also entertain ..", Focus "Do you know … that the fastest animal is the ... that your hair grows ... millimeter per day that a flea can jump ... meter the number of wingbeats per second of a hummingbird the largest and heaviest animal the root depth of desert grape vine the lifespan of a spruce needle the threshold in humans for smelling Vanilla the daily oxygen intake of the human lung the daily loss of neurons in the human nervous system ... ?" A Table is worth a thousand words.


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This book of tables provides comparative data from the fields of zoology, botany, microbiology, and human biology. It is a "must" for everyone interested in biology but also of help for all parents to address questions such as "Mama/Papa, how old can a ... be?" The plain facts of life from all areas of biology, including such topics as growth rates of hair and nails, and ages and weights of seeds are simply fascinating. Biology comes alive in this comprehensive and entertaining reference work. Warning: Anybody who begins browsing through this book will not easily stop reading!