Light Scattering Reviews 2 Remote Sensing and Inverse Problems için kapak resmi
Light Scattering Reviews 2 Remote Sensing and Inverse Problems
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Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2007.
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XXIV, 352 p. 5 illus. online resource.
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Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer -- Solar radiative transfer and global climate modelling -- On the remote sensing and radiative properties of cirrus -- Retrieval of cloud optical thickness and effective radius using multispectral remote sensing and accounting for 3D effects -- Raman lidar remote sensing of geophysical media -- Inverse Problems -- Linearization of vector radiative transfer by means of the forward-adjoint perturbation theory and its use in atmospheric remote sensing -- Derivatives of the radiation field and their application to the solution of inverse problems -- Numerical Techniques -- Studies of light scattering by complex particles using the null-field method with discrete sources -- Radiative transfer in horizontally and vertically inhomogeneous turbid media.


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This book is to continue the "Light Scattering Reviews" series devoted to modern knowledge and milestones in both experimental and theoretical techniques related to light scattering and radiative transport problems. It gives a valuable picture of recent developments in the area of remote sensing and radiative transfer. The work has capabilities to further facilitate studies in light scattering media optics and be of importance for researchers across various scientific fields including astronomy, meteorology and geophysics.