The High Energy Solar Corona: Waves, Eruptions, Particles için kapak resmi
The High Energy Solar Corona: Waves, Eruptions, Particles
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Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2007.
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X, 284 p. online resource.
Lecture Notes in Physics ; 725
Introduction: The High-energy Corona – Waves, Eruptions, Particles -- Introduction: The High-energy Corona – Waves, Eruptions, Particles -- Particle Acceleration During Flares -- Magnetic Complexity, Fragmentation, Particle Acceleration and Radio Emission from the Sun -- Review of Selected RHESSI Solar Results -- RHESSI Results – Time for a Rethink? -- Small Scale Energy Release and the Acceleration and Transport of Energetic Particles -- Large-scale Disturbances -- Large-scale Waves and Shocks in the Solar Corona -- Energetic Particles Related with Coronal and Interplanetary Shocks -- Particle Acceleration at the Earth’s Bow Shock -- On the Existence of Non-maxwellian Velocity Distribution Functions in the Corona and their Consequences for the Solar Wind Acceleration -- Recent Research: Large-scale Disturbances, their Origin and Consequences -- Plasma of the Solar Corona -- Quasi-periodic Pulsations as a Diagnostic Tool for Coronal Plasma Parameters -- Pulsating Solar Radio Emission.
An outgrowth of a workshop held by the Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA), this volume collects reviews on current research and perspectives on the variable solar corona: high-energy particles, large-scale disturbances such as mass ejections and waves, and radio diagnostics of the coronal plasma. Multiwavelength observations of the Sun with radio instruments and recent space missions are drawn on extensively, as well as input from neighbouring fields e.g. solar wind, Earth's bow shock. Recent developments are discussed alongside key developments in this rapidly evolving field.


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