Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation için kapak resmi
Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation
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Basel : Birkhäuser Basel, 2005.
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XVIII, 286 p. online resource.
ISNM International Series of Numerical Mathematics ; 151
Best Poisson Approximation of Poisson Mixtures. A Linear Operator Approach -- On Some Classes of Diffusion Equations and Related Approximation Problems -- Recent Developments in Barycentric Rational Interpolation -- Approximation on Simplices and Orthogonal Polynomials -- (0, 2) Pál-type Interpolation: A General Method for Regularity -- Sufficient Convergence Conditions for Certain Accelerated Successive Approximations -- The Combined Shepard-Lidstone Bivariate Operator -- Local RBF Approximation for Scattered Data Fitting with Bivariate Splines -- Evolutionary Optimization of Neural Systems: The Use of Strategy Adaptation -- Finding Relevant Input Arguments with Radial Basis Function Networks -- Subdivision Schemes and Non Nested Grids -- A Markov-Bernstein Inequality for Gaussian Networks -- TS Control — The Link between Fuzzy Control and Classical Control Theory -- Polynomial Bases for Continuous Function Spaces -- Novel Simulation Approaches for Cyclic Steady-state Fixed-bed Processes Exhibiting Sharp Fronts and Shocks -- Semigroups Associated to Mache Operators (II) -- Recent Progress on Univariate and Multivariate Polynomial and Spline Quasi-interpolants -- A Strong Converse Result for Approximation by Weighted Bernstein Polynomials on the Real Line -- Rprop Using the Natural Gradient -- Some Properties of Quasi-orthogonal and Para-orthogonal Polynomials. A Survey.


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This volume contains contributions from international experts in the fields of constructive approximation. This area has reached out to encompass the computational and approximation-theoretical aspects of various interesting fields in applied mathematics.