mODa 9 – Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis held in Bertinoro, Italy, June 14-18, 2010 için kapak resmi
mODa 9 – Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis held in Bertinoro, Italy, June 14-18, 2010
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Heidelberg : Physica-Verlag HD, 2010.
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XXVI, 239 p. 31 illus. online resource.
Contributions to Statistics,
Impact of Stratified Randomization in Clinical Trials -- The Non-Uniqueness of Some Designs for Discriminating Between Two Polynomial Models in One Variable -- Covariate Adjusted Designs for Combining Efficiency, Ethics and Randomness in Normal Response Trials -- Split-Plot and Robust Designs: Weighting and Optimization in the Multiple Response Case -- An Improvement in the Lack-of-Fit Optimality of the (Absolutely) Continuous Uniform Design in Respect of Exact Designs -- Optimal Allocation Proportion for a Two-Treatment Clinical Trial Having Correlated Binomial Responses -- Sample Size Determination for Multivariate Performance Analysis with Complex Designs -- Optimal Design for Compositional Data -- Dose Finding Experiments: Responses of Mixed Type -- Pharmacokinetic Studies Described by Stochastic Differential Equations: Optimal Design for Systems with Positive Trajectories -- On Testing Hypotheses in Response-Adaptive Designs Targeting the Best Treatment -- Towards Gaussian Process-based Optimization with Finite Time Horizon -- Optimal Designs for Linear Logistic Test Models -- A Class of Screening Designs Robust to Active Second-Order Effects -- D-Optimal Design for a Five-Parameter Logistic Model -- Sequential Barycentric Interpolation -- Some Considerations on the Fisher Information in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models -- Designs with High Breakdown Point in Nonlinear Models -- A Note on the Relationship between Two Approaches to Optimal Design under Correlation -- The Role of the Nugget Term in the Gaussian Process Method -- A Bonferroni-Adjusted Trend Testing Method for Excess over Highest Single Agent -- Asymptotic Properties of Adaptive Penalized Optimal Designs over a Finite Space -- Filling and D-optimal Designs for the Correlated Generalized Exponential Model -- Designs for Dose Finding Studies on Safety and Efficacy -- A Radial Scanning Statistic for Selecting Space-filling Designs in Computer Experiments -- Optimal Designs for Two-Colour Microarray Experiments for Estimating Interactions -- Discrimination Between Random and Fixed Effect Logistic Regression Models -- Estimation and Optimal Designing under Latent Variable Models for Paired Comparisons Studies via a Multiplicative Algorithm -- Pointwise Consistency of the Kriging Predictor with Known Mean and Covariance Functions -- Information in a Two-stage Adaptive Optimal Design for Normal Random Variables having a One Parameter Exponential Mean Function.
The volume contains the proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Model-Oriented Design and Analysis. It offers leading and pioneering work on optimal experimental designs, both from a theoretical point of view and in respect of real applications. Scientists from Eastern and Western Europe, the US, Asia and Africa, are contributors to this volume. Designs for nonlinear models, for discriminating between models, for multivariate data and for applications to medicine are some of the primary topics covered.


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Statisticians and experimentalists will find the latest trends in optimal experimental design research. Some papers are pioneering contributions, leading to new open research problems. It is a colection of peer reviewed papers.