Nanoparticles in medicine and environment Inhalation and health effects için kapak resmi
Nanoparticles in medicine and environment Inhalation and health effects
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2010.
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XI, 287 p. online resource.
The Origin and Production of Nanoparticles in Environment and Industry -- Characterization of Combustion and Engine Exhaust Particles -- Medicine Nanoparticle Production by EHDA -- Electrospray and Its Medical Applications -- Generation of Nanoparticles from Vapours in Case of Exhaust Filtration -- Measurement and Characterization of Aerosol Nanoparticles -- Inhalation and Deposition of Nanoparticles: Fundamentals, Phenomenology and Practical Aspects -- Dosimetry of Inhaled Nanoparticles -- Particles of Biomedical Relevance and Their Interactions: A Classical and Quantum Mechanistic Approach to a Theoretical Description -- Health Effects of Nanoparticles (Inhalation) from Medical Point of View/Type of Diseases -- Effects of Cigarette Smoke and Diesel Exhaust on the Innate Immune Function of the Airway Epithelium -- The Potential Harmful and Beneficial Effects of Nanoparticles in Children -- Targeting Drugs to the Lungs – The Example of Insulin -- Protection of the Respiratory System Against Nanoparticles Inhalation -- Overview and Discussion.
A huge effort is put into the science of nanoparticles and their production. In many cases it is unavoidable that nanoparticles are released into the environment, either during the production processes or during the use of a product made from these particles. It is also realized that combustion processes like traffic and power plants release nanoparticles into the atmosphere. However it is not known how nanoparticles interact with the human body, especially upon inhalation. At the same time research activities are devoted to understand how nano-sized medicine particles can be used to administer medicines via inhalation. In any case it is absolutely necessary to know how the nanoparticles interfere with the inhalation system, how they deposit and affect on the human system. Three main themes are discussed: Nanoparticle sources and production Nanoparticle inhalation and deposition Toxicological and medical consequences of nanoparticles Each theme is covered comprehensively, starting at nano-quantum effects up to technical and medical applications such as measuring equipment and inhalation instrumentation. This book brings together all sub-disciplines in the field related to aerosol nanoparticles. Each chapter is written by a world expert, giving the state of the art information and challenging open questions. The last chapter summarizes in an interdisciplinary way what is already known and what still is ahead of us. .


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