Ethnicity and Integration Understanding Population Trends and Processes: volume 3 için kapak resmi
Ethnicity and Integration Understanding Population Trends and Processes: volume 3
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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands : Imprint: Springer, 2010.
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XVI, 320 p. online resource.
Understanding Population Trends and Processes ; 3
Ethnicity and Integration -- Ethnic Group Population Change and Integration: A Demographic Perspective on Ethnic Geographies -- Ethnic Residential Segregation Change in England and Wales -- Ethnicity and Fertility in the United Kingdom -- Neighbourhood Ethnic Mix and the Formation of Mixed-Ethnic Unions in Britain -- Ethnic Internal Migration in England and Wales: Spatial Analysis Using a District Classification Framework -- Do Ethnic Groups Migrate Towards Areas of High Concentration of Their Own Group Within England and Wales? -- Understanding the Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market Outcomes of British Workers -- Black Africans in England: A Diversity of Integration Experiences -- Ethnic Differences in Physical Activity and Obesity -- Racial Discrimination and Health: Exploring the Possible Protective Effects of Ethnic Density -- Ethnic Variation in Crime-Related Experiences: A Statistical Comparison of Asian and Black Responses on the British Crime Survey 2001–2007 -- Exploring the Links Between Population Heterogeneity and Perceptions of Social Cohesion in England -- Ethnic Group Populations: The Components for Projection, Demographic Rates and Trends.
The ethnic composition of Britain’s population is changing rapidly as the 21st century progresses. Some commentators predict a catastrophic future of increasing ethnic segregation and community breakdown, whereas others say that the benefits of ethnic pluralism and cultural diversity will lead to a more integrated society. This book addresses many of the key issues and debates associated with ethnicity and integration in Britain. It provides the reader with an enhanced understanding of ethnic population change and residential concentration, ethnic household dynamics, internal and international migration, the relationship between ethnicity and health, crime, identity and language, as well as ethnic population projections. Collectively, the findings presented here constitute an evidence base for policymakers and practitioners to draw upon when formulating solutions to the range of problems at local, regional and national level that are associated with an increasingly multi-ethnic society. This book is the third volume of the interdisciplinary series entitled ‘Understanding Population Trends and Processes’. Volume 1 reports the findings of research on fertility, living arrangements, care and mobility, whilst Volume 2 contains selected studies of spatial and social disparities in Britain using various secondary data sets.


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The theme of this volume is ethnicity and the implications for integration of our increasingly ethnically diversified population, with topics covering demographics and migration of ethnic groups, measures of integration or segregation, health and labour market characteristics, ethnicity and crime and ethnic population projections.