Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Variable Mass için kapak resmi
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Variable Mass
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Vienna : Springer Vienna : Imprint: Springer, 2014.
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XI, 266 p. 62 illus., 21 illus. in color. online resource.
CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, 557
A rational treatment of the relations of balance for mechanical systems with a time-variable mass and other non-classical supplies -- Systems with mass explicitly dependent on position -- Dynamics of the mass variable body -- Mechanics of multi-component media with exchange of mass and non-classical supplies -- Modeling of fluid-structure interaction: effects of added mass, damping and stiffness -- Dynamics and stability of engineering systems with moving continua.
The book presents up-to-date and unifying formulations for treating dynamics of different types of mechanical systems with variable mass. The starting point is overview of the continuum mechanics relations of balance and jump for open systems from which extended Lagrange and Hamiltonian formulations are derived. Corresponding approaches are stated at the level of analytical mechanics with emphasis on systems with a position-dependent mass and at the level of structural mechanics. Special emphasis is laid upon axially moving structures like belts and chains, and on pipes with an axial flow of fluid. Constitutive relations in the dynamics of systems with variable mass are studied with particular reference to modeling of multi-component mixtures. The dynamics of machines with a variable mass are treated in detail and conservation laws and the stability of motion will be analyzed. Novel finite element formulations for open systems in coupled fluid and structural dynamics are presented.


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