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Advanced solid state theory için kapak resmi
Advanced solid state theory
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San Rafael [California] (40 Oak Drive, San Rafael, CA, 94903, USA) : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2014]

Bristol [England] (Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG, UK) : IOP Publishing, [2014]
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1 PDF (various pagings) : illustrations (some color).
IOP concise physics.
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System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Introduction -- Bibliography

Elements of many-particle physics -- Green's functions in condensed matter physics -- Formal properties of Green's functions -- Perturbation theory and Feynman diagrams

Dielectric theory of the solid -- Electromagnetic fields in solids -- Dielectric properties of ionic crystals -- Dielectric response of the free electron gas

Transport theory -- Transport coefficients -- The Boltzmann equation -- Transport due to impurities and phonons

Superconductivity -- Phenomenology -- Standard theory of superconductivity -- Conductivity and Meisner effect.
This book will introduce advanced concepts and topics of solid-state theory. To this end we need a tool box that enables us to treat electron-electron interactions, and possibly also electron-phonon or phonon-phonon interactions in some well-defined, approximate way. The most advanced, yet still feasible approach, is the Green's function technique and the perturbation expansion using Feynman diagrams. This technique allows the interacting system to be treated as 'solid' within well-characterizable approximations, still widely used today, but also provides the language used in modern computer-based simulations as well as for the interpretation of experiments.


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