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The everyday physics of hearing and vision için kapak resmi
The everyday physics of hearing and vision
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San Rafael [California] (40 Oak Drive, San Rafael, CA, 94903, USA) : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2015]

Bristol [England] (Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG, UK) : IOP Publishing
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1 online resource (various pagings) : illustrations (some color).
IOP concise physics.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.

System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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"Version: 20150301"--Title page verso.

"A Morgan & Claypool publication as part of IOP Concise Physics"--Title page verso.
Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Author biography -- Introduction to waves -- Vibrations and waves -- Energy and information

The ear -- Parts of the ear -- Other ears and the non-acoustic labyrinth -- The sound spectrum

The eye -- The electromagnetic spectrum -- Parts of the eye -- Other eyes

Wave properties -- Reflection -- Absorption -- Refraction -- Diffraction and interference

Hearing : the perception of sound -- Sound intensity -- Tones -- Musical instruments -- Resonance

Vision and the perception of light and color -- Light intensity -- Blindness prevention -- Color -- Other aspects of vision -- Conclusions.
Humans receive the vast majority of sensory perception through the eyes and ears - This non-technical book examines the everyday physics behind hearing and vision to help readers understand more about themselves and their physical environment. It begins with a thorough discussion of sound and light waves, then goes on to discuss how our eyes and ears gather and process information from those waves.
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Undergraduate level & trade.


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