Sugarcane : agricultural production, bioenergy and ethanol için kapak resmi
Sugarcane : agricultural production, bioenergy and ethanol
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Front Cover; Sugarcane; Copyright Page; Contents; List of Contributors; Foreword; Preface; 1 Agricultural Planning; Introduction; 1.1 Planning; 1.1.1 Planning for Planting; 1.1.2 Planning of Varieties; 1.1.3 Planning for Harvesting; 1.2 Final Remarks; Bibliography; 2 Physiology; Introduction; 2.1 Photosynthesis; 2.1.1 Absorption of Light Energy and Water Oxidation; 2.1.2 Photosynthetic Electron Flow and Oxidation of Water; 2.1.3 Photophosphorylation; 2.2 Carbon Metabolism; 2.2.1 CO2 Fixation and C4 System Sugarcane; 2.2.2 C3 Carbon Reactions (Calvin-Benson Cycle)

2.2.3 Efficiency of CO2 Utilization and Characteristics of Photosynthesis in Sugarcane2.3 Synthesis and Storage of Starch and Sucrose; 2.3.1 Synthesis of Starch; 2.3.2 Synthesis of Sucrose; 2.3.3 Transport and Allocation of Sucrose; 2.4 Physiology of Development; 2.4.1 Propagation; 2.4.2 Root System; 2.4.3 Stalk; 2.4.4 Leaf; 2.4.5 Inflorescence; 2.4.6 Stages of Cultivation; Sprouting and establishment stage; Tillering; Stalk growth stage; Maturation stage; 2.5 Crop Ecophysiology; 2.6 Flowering Aspects; 2.7 Aspects of Maturation; Bibliography; 3 Planting; Introduction; 3.1 Planning

3.1.1 Production Environment3.1.2 Varieties; 3.1.3 Planting Season; 3.1.4 Spacing; 3.1.5 Depth of Furrow; 3.2 Soil Preparation; 3.2.1 Eradication of Previous Crop; 3.2.2 Infrastructure of the Ranges; 3.2.3 Range Sizing; 3.2.4 Dirt Roads; 3.2.5 Area Leveling and Systematization; 3.2.6 Terracing; 3.2.7 Conventional Tillage; 3.2.8 Reduced Tillage; 3.2.9 No Tillage; 3.2.10 Seedlings; 3.3 Planting; 3.3.1 Manual Planting; Furrowing; Cutting, loading and transportation of seedlings; Distribution of seedlings in the groove; "Covering"; 3.3.2 Mechanized Planting; Mechanized planting of entire cane

Mechanized planting of chopped sugarcaneMechanized planting of isolated buds; Bibliography; 4 Nutrition and Fertilization; Introduction; 4.1 Considerations on Fertilization; 4.2 Sugarcane Mineral Nutrition; 4.2.1 What Should Be Applied?; 4.2.2 How Much Should Be Applied?; 4.2.3 When Should it Be Applied?; 4.2.4 How Should it Be Applied?; 4.3 Soil Fertility Assessment; 4.3.1 Visual Diagnosis; 4.3.2 Leaf Diagnosis; 4.3.3 Soil Assessment; Soil sampling; Analysis interpretation; 4.4 Chemical Management of the Soil; 4.4.1 Lime Application; 4.4.2 Phosphogypsum Application

(1) Fertilizing effect: source of sulfur(2) Salt level corrective; (3) Subsurface conditioning; 4.4.3 Phosphate Application; 4.4.4 Green Fertilization; 4.4.5 Organic Fertilization; 4.4.6 Mineral N-P2O5-K2O Fertilization and Micronutrients; Planting fertilization; Ratoon fertilization: N-K2O and B fertilization; 4.4.7 Micronutrient Fertilization; (a) Through the soil; (b) Through herbicides; (c) Through foliage; (d) Through foliage; 4.5 Final Considerations; 4.5.1 Cane-Plant; 4.5.2 Ratoon; Bibliography; 5 Management of Pests and Nematodes; Introduction; 5.1 Pests; 5.1.1 Sugarcane Borer
Sugarcane: Agricultural Production, Bioenergy and Ethanol explores this vital source for "green" biofuel from the breeding and care of the plant all the way through to its effective and efficient transformation into bioenergy. The book explores sugarcane's 40 year history as a fuel for cars, along with its impressive leaps in production and productivity that have created a robust global market. In addition, new prospects for the future are discussed as promising applications in agroenergy, whether for biofuels or bioelectricity, or for bagasse pellets as an alternative to firewood for home heating purposes are explored. Experts from around the world address these topics in this timely book as global warming continues to represent a major concern for both crop and green energy production.
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