Meeting health information needs outside of healthcare : opportunities and challenges için kapak resmi
Meeting health information needs outside of healthcare : opportunities and challenges
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Chandos information professional series

Chandos information professional series.
Designing health information programs to promote the health and well-being of vulnerable populations: the benefits of evidence-based strategic health communication / Gary L. Kreps and Linda Neuhauser -- Health literacy research's growth, challenges, and frontiers / Robert A. Logan -- Medical information for the consumer before the World Wide Web / Catherine Arnott Smith -- Ethical health information: Do it well! Do it right! Do no harm! / Michelynn McKnight -- Health information resource provision in the public library setting / Mary Grace Flaherty -- Who needs a health librarian? Ethical reference transactions in the consumer health library / Nancy C. Seeger -- Consumer health information: the community college conundrum / Anne Chernaik -- Health information delivery outside the clinic in a developing nation: The Qatar Cancer Society in the State of Qatar / Ellen N. Sayed and Alan S. Weber -- Health information and older adults / Kay Hogan Smith -- Re-envisioning the health information-seeking conversation: insights from a community center / Prudence W. Dalrymple and Lisl Zach -- For the mutual benefit: health information provision in the science classroom / Albert Zeyer, Daniel M. Levin and Alla Keselman -- "You will be glad you hung on to this quit": sharing information and giving support when stopping smoking online / Marie-Thérèse Rudolf von Rohr -- Health information in bits and bytes: considerations and challenges of digital health communication / Clare Tobin Lence and Korey Capozza -- Does specialization matter? How journalistic expertise explains differences in health-care coverage / Michael W. Wagner -- Afterword -- Index.
This volume addresses the challenges and ethical dilemmas concerning the delivery of health information to the general public in a variety of non-clinical settings, both in-person and via information technology, in settings from public and academic libraries to online communities and traditional and social media channels.
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