Emerging topics and technologies in information sytems için kapak resmi
Emerging topics and technologies in information sytems
9781605662237 (ebook) 1605662232 (ebook)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2009.
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electronic texts (xv, 334 p. : ill.) : digital files.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Preface -- Chapter 1. Measuring and reporting technological capital in companies / Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, Miltiadis D. Lytras -- Chapter 2. Revisiting agility to conceptualize information systems agility / Pankaj, Micki Hyde, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Suresh K. Tadisina -- Chapter 3. Global understanding environment: applying semantic and agent technologies to industrial automation / Vagan Terziyan, Artem Katasonov -- Chapter 4. Targeting e-commerce to Chinese audiences and markets: managing cultural and regional challenges / Jeff Hsu -- Chapter 5. Enterprise resource planning system: issues and implementation / Edward T. Chen -- Chapter 6. A secure characteristics of wireless ad-hoc networks / Sandip Vijay, S. C. Sharma -- Chapter 7. A survey on approaches to adaptation on the Web / Jorge Marx Gómez, Thanh Tran -- Chapter 8. A personalized portal on the basis of semantic models and rules / Jorge Marx Gómez, Tran Duc -- Chapter 9. British consumers' attitudes and acceptance of mobile advertising / Sylvie Laforet, Hannah Limahelu -- Chapter 10. Determinants of ERP implementations: an empirical study in Spanish companies / Javier de Andrés, Pedro Lorca, Jose Emilio Labra -- Chapter 11. Emerging topics and technologies in information systems / Jaakko Ikävalko, Seppo J. Hänninen, Ari Serkkola, Ilkka Kauranen --

Chapter 12. Technology-related privacy concerns: an emerging challenge / Cliona McParland, Regina Connolly -- Chapter 13. Fear of flying and virtual environments: an introductory review / Giovanni Vincenti -- Chapter 14. A context-based approach for supporting knowledge work with semantic portals / Thomas Hädrich, Torsten Priebe -- Chapter 15. A survey of Web service discovery systems / Duy Ngan Le, Angela Goh, Cao Hoang Tru -- Chapter 16. User relevance feedback in semantic information retrieval / Antonio Picariello, Antonio M. Rinaldi -- Chapter 17. A preliminary study toward wireless integration of patient information system / Abdul-Rahman Al-Ali, Tarik Ozkul, Taha Landolsi -- Compilation of references -- About the contributors -- Index.
"This book communicates the various challenges and great opportunities that information systems research produces"--Provided by publisher.
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