Information security management global challenges in the new millennium için kapak resmi
Information security management global challenges in the new millennium
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2001.
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1. Challenges in managing information security in the new millennium / Gurpreet Dhillon -- 2. Information systems security and the need for policy / Michael E. Whitman, Anthony M. Townsend, Robert J. Aalberts -- 3. New millennium; new technology; same old right and wrong / Joseph T. Gilbert -- 4. Ethical elements of security and developments in cyberspace that should promote trust in electronic commerce / Andrew Storey, J. Barrie Thompson and Albert Bokma -- 5. Cyber terrorism and the contemporary corporation / Matthew Warren, William Hutchinson -- 6. Addressing prescription fraud in the British National Health Service : technological and social considerations / Athanasia Pouloudi -- 7. The Irish experience with disaster recovery planning : high levels of awareness may not suffice / Frédéric Adam, Joseph A. Haslam -- 8. An analysis of the recent IS security development approaches : descriptive and prescriptive implications / Mikko T. Siponen -- 9. Internet and e-business security / Keng Siau, Kent Whitacre -- 10. Assurance and compliance monitoring support / Peter Goldschmidt -- 11. Intelligent software agents : security issues of a new technology / Stefan Kirn, Mathias Petsch, Brian Lees -- 12. Principles for managing information security in the new millennium / Gurpreet Dhillon.
Information security is moving much higher up the agenda of corporate concerns. The pitfalls lying in wait of corporate information are legion. If information is our most important asset, then we must fortify ourselves for the task of protecting it properly. This book is a compilation of contributed chapters by researches and practitioners addressing issues, trends and challenges facing the management of information security in this new millennium. This title focuses on aspects of information security planning, evaluation, design and implementation.
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