Selected readings on information technology and business systems management için kapak resmi
Selected readings on information technology and business systems management
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2009.
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electronic texts (xxix, 535 p. : ill.) : digital files.
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E-Entrepreneurship: The Principles of Founding Electronic Ventures / Tobias Kollmann -- The Role of Government in E-Business Adoption / Barbara Roberts, Mark Toleman -- The Role of Simulation in Business Process Reengineering / Firas M. Alkhaldi, Mohammad Olaimat, Abdullah Abdali Rashed -- Environmental Drivers of E-Business Strategies Among SMEs / Alessandro Arbore, Andrea Ordanini -- Conflicts, Compromises, and Political Decisions: Methodological Challenges of Enterprise-Wide E-Business Architecture Creation / Kari Smolander, Matti Rossi -- Nazar Foods Company: Business Process Redesign Under Supply Chain Management Context / Vichuda Nui Polatoglu -- BROOD: Business Rules-Driven Object Oriented Design / Pericles Loucopoulos, Wan M.N. Wan Kadir -- Best Practice in Company Standardization / Henk J. de Vries, Florens J. C. Slob -- Best Practice in Leveraging E-Business Technologies to Achieve Business Agility / Ehap H. Sabri -- Building Dynamic Business Process in P2P Semantic Web / Timon C. Du, Eldon Y. Li -- Patterns for Designing Agent-Based E-Business Systems / Michael Weiss -- Performance Evaluation of Consumer Decision Support Systems / Jiyong Zhang, Pearl Pu -- E-Business Technologies in E-Market Literature / Nikos Manouselis -- Process-Oriented Assessment of Web Services / Jan-Hendrik Sewing, Michael Rosemann, Marlon Dumas -- Application of Web Services in the Context of E-Procurement: An SME Foci / Stanley Oliver, Kiran Maringanti --

E-Business Adoption in SMEs: Some Preliminary Findings from Electronic Components Industry / Mark Xu, Ravni Rohatgi, Yanqing Duan -- How Can Internet Service Providers Tap into the Potentially-Lucrative Small Business Market? / Avinash Waikar, Minh Q. Huynh -- Process-Driven Business Integration Management for Collaboration Networks / Dominik Vanderhaeghen, Anja Hofer, Florian Kupsch -- Measurements in E-Business / Damon Aiken -- E-Business in Developing Countries: A Comparison of China and India / Peter V. Raven, Xiaoqing Huang, Ben B. Kim -- A Model of Information Security Governance for E-Business / Dieter Fink, Tobias Huegle, Martin Dortschy -- A Security Blueprint for E-Business Applications / Jun Du, Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Jianxin (Roger) Jiao -- E-Business Process Management and Intellectual Property: Issues and Implications / Kathleen Mykytyn, Peter Mykytyn -- E-Business Risk Management in Firms / Ganesh Vaidyanathan -- Evaluating E-Business Leadership and its Links to Firm Performance / Jing Quan -- Business Networking: The Technological Infrastructure Support / Claudia-Melania Chituc, Américo Lopes Azevedo -- Outsourcing Non-Core Business Processes: An Exploratory Study / Adriana Romaniello, B. Dawn Medlin -- Delivering the `Whole Product': Business Model Impacts and Agility Challenges in a Network of Open Source Firms / Joseph Feller, Patrick Finnegan, Jeremy Hayes.
This book supplements course instruction and student research with quality articles focused on key issues concerning technology in business. Containing over 30 chapters from authors across the globe, these selected readings in areas such as e-business, mobile marketing, and information resources management depict the most relevant and important areas of classroom discussion within the categories of Fundamental Concepts and Theories; Development and Design Methodologies; Tools and Technologies; Application and Utilization; Critical Issues; and Emerging Trends.
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