Ubiquitous and pervasive knowledge and learning management semantics, social networking and new media to their full potential için kapak resmi
Ubiquitous and pervasive knowledge and learning management semantics, social networking and new media to their full potential
1599044854 (ebook) 9781599044859 (ebook)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2007.
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electronic texts (xxii, 324 p. : ill.) : digital files.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Pervasive computing: what is it anyway? / Emerson Loureiro ... [et al.] -- "Neomillennial" learning styles propagated by wireless handheld devices / Edward Dieterle, Chris Dede, Karen Schrier -- Mobile education: lessons learned / Holger Nösekabel -- Ubiquitous computing applications in education / Kostas Kolomvatsos -- Using multimedia and virtual reality for web-based collaborative learning on multiple platforms / Gavin McArdle, Teresa Monahan, Michela Bertolotto -- Using emotional intelligence in personalized adaptation / Violeta Damjanovic, Milos Kravcik -- Accessing Learning Content in a Mobile System: Does Mobile Mean Always Connected? / Anna Trifonova -- A choreographed approach to ubiquitous and pervasive learning / Sinuhé Arroyo, Reto Krummenacher -- Semantic knowledge mining techniques for ubiquitous access media usage analysis / John Garofalakis ... [et al.] -- To ease the dilemma of help desk: the application of knowledge management techniques in manipulating help desk knowledge / Nelson Leung, Sim Kim Lau -- Discursive context-aware knowledge and learning management systems / Caoimhín O'Nualláin, Adam Westerski, Sebastian Kruk.
The importance of semantics has been recognized in different areas of data and information management, including better access, exchange, interoperability, integration, and analysis of data. Semantics of data is about associating meaning to data, understanding what data represents, and improving the value of data. This book presents an alternative view to ubiquitous and pervasive knowledge, architectural frameworks, and methodological issues, and introduces some of the major techniques and tools developed in the domain of ontology building, analysis, and semantic Web. It contributes to the revolutionary domain of semantic Web and information systems in the following aspects: vision, methodologies, tools, and applications.
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