Handbook of research on computational and systems biology interdisciplinary applications için kapak resmi
Handbook of research on computational and systems biology interdisciplinary applications
9781609604929 (ebook)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), 2011.
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electronic texts (645 p.) : ill., digital files.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
1. Ethics and privacy considerations for systems biology applications in predictive and personalized medicine / Jake Chen ... [et al.] -- 2. Virtual screening / Khaled Barakat, Jonathan Mane, Jack Tuszynski -- 3. Systems biology-based approaches applied to vaccine development / Patricio Manque, Ute Woehlbier -- 4. Current Omics technologies in biomarker discovery / Wei Ding ... [et al.] -- 5. Single nucleotide polymorphism and its application in mapping loci involved in developing human diseases and traits / Rui-Ru Ji -- 6. Addressing the challenges of detecting epistasis in genome-wide association studies of common human diseases using biological expert knowledge / Kristine Pattin, Jason Moore -- 7. Biclustering of DNA microarray data / Alain Tchagang ... [et al.] -- 8. Prediction of epigenetic target sites by using genomic DNA sequence / Guo-Cheng Yuan -- 9. A new approach for sequence analysis / Kathryn Dempsey ... [et al.] -- 10. Knowledge-driven, data-assisted integrative pathway analytics / Padmalatha Reddy, Stuart Murray, Wei Liu -- 11. Modules in biological networks / Bing Zhang, Zhiao Shi -- 12. Using functional linkage gene networks to study human diseases / Bolan Linghu, Guohui Liu, Yu Xia -- 13. Network-driven analysis methods and their application to drug discovery / Daniel Ziemek, Christoph Brockel -- 14. Pathway resources at the rat genome database / Victoria Petri --

15. Unsupervised methods to identify cellular signaling networks from perturbation data / Madhusudan Natarajan -- 16. Complexity and modularity of MAPK signaling networks / George Popescu, Sorina Popescu -- 17. Cancer and signaling pathway deregulation / Yingchun Liu -- 18. Computational methods for identification of novel secondary metabolite biosynthetic pathways by genome analysis / Swadha Anand, Debasisa Mohanty -- 19. Linking interactome to disease / Maxime Garcia ... [et al.] -- 20. Using systems biology approaches to predict new players in the innate immune system / Bin Li -- 21. Dynamic modeling and parameter identification for biological networks / Fortunato Bianconi, Gabriele Lillacci, Paolo Valigi -- 22. Granger causality / Tian Ge, Jianfeng Feng -- 23. Connecting microbial population genetics with microbial pathogenesis engineering microfluidic cell arrays for high-throughput interrogation of host-pathogen interaction / Palaniappan Sethu ... [et al.] -- 24. Structural alignment of RNAs with pseudoknots / Thomas Wong, S. Yiu -- 25. Finding attractors on a folding energy landscape / Wilfred Ndifon, Jonathan Dushoff -- 26. Visualization of protein 3D structures in 'double-centroid' reduced representation / Vicente Reyes, Vrunda Sheth -- 27. Mechanical models of cell adhesion incorporating nonlinear behavior and stochastic rupture of the bonds / Jean-François Ganghoffer -- 28. A multiscale computational model of chemotactic axon guidance / Giacomo Aletti ... [et al.].
"This book offers information on the state-of-the-art development in the fields of computational biology and systems biology, presenting methods, tools, and applications of these fields by many leading experts around the globe"--Provided by publisher.
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